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Comparison and Contrast: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Course Date Martin Luther King and Malcom X are two of the greatest names in the fight for black equality and opposition of white supremacy; however, they are as different as two men with a common agenda can be. In fact, they sometimes fiercely opposed each other method,s as is attested to by the fact that Malcom X at one point expressed his disdain for the Christian preacher’s pacifist approach to the struggle by claiming calling him, “Rev Chicken wing,” (Blake)…
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Comparison and Contrast: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
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"Comparison and Contrast: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X"

Download file to see previous pages Their dissimilar legacies are evident in the modern perception of their work, today while Martin Luther is considered the peaceful champion of civil rights movements; Malcolm X has been frozen history as the angry black radical, which he was until his visit to meccas after which mellowed his approach. The main difference between the two men was not so much in their message or objective but their methods, on one hand Malcom X advocated for independence by any means necessary while Luther took a preached nonviolent disobedient philosophy akin to Gandhi’s. One of the hallmark achievements of Martin Luther king’s career was the civil right movement march in Washington DC in 1963, in which he led his people in the march in a quest for equality and unity between the races. Martin Luther King believed that the only way the race problem would be solved was by the integration and collaboration between the races. ...
Therefore, he led the Nation of Islam to be violently forceful in their opposition of white power and thus promote the ideology of black power. To a great extent, his message espoused hatred and he frequently describes white people as devils and blamed them for a myriad of crimes against blacks and humanity in general. This Marxist radicalism sharply contrasts with the non-violent values engendered by Martin Luther, he believed in working form within the system and in his speeches denounced hate and violence instead advocating for the achievement of prosperity through education and thinking. In his iconic speech, ‘I have a dream speech”, King invites the listener to envision a future where black and white children could grow up in a world where neither hatred nor inequality existed and have equal opportunities (King). Similar to Gandhi, he was cognizant of the fact that by disobeying the system, he was more likely to cripple it with fewer casualties than would be the case if directly opposed it. Despite the differences, there is much that the world stands to learn from the two men, several common threads unite them, most prominent of which is their combined religiosity, although Martin Luther was a Christian and Malcolm X a Muslim. Both of these religions advocate for equality of men and they both derived inspiration from the retrospective teachings of their respective faiths to fight to the death, as indeed they did, for the social political and economic emancipation of the blacks. In conclusion, given the prevailing circumstance at the time and considering his background, Malcolm’s X’s Black militancy is understandable since he had suffered greatly under the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparing Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
and Malcolm X. Both fought very hard for what they symbolize but in distinct ways. Their most beliefs may have bloomed from the houses they came from and grew up. King Jr. was well educated and matured in a middle class family. On the other side, Malcolm X grew up in an underclass environment that was very unfavorable with hardly any schooling.
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Compare & Contrast essay between Malcolm X and Marthin Luther King
Both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had tangible effects in which their followers were to pursue in order to attain equal rights. In addition, the way in which the two grew up, and the backgrounds of their education were the key factors that made them have different opinions on how to handle equality between the black and white Americans.
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Comparing Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
The fact remains that the successes of today’s wind of equality and respect for racial differences started centuries with the activities of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the mid-20th century being very key among the struggle. There is a common saying that no two people are exactly the same.
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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
On the surface, there seem some commonalities between the two titans of the civil rights era: to start with, the most striking similarity, of course, is that both believed in Black liberation. Secondly, apart from being contemporaries, they both lived an exactly identical lifespan –39 years.
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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
It has often been written that while Malcolm X was impatient and stressed a sense of urgency in the civil rights fight, King took a more deliberate attitude and argued that equality would be a slow and difficult road. King's legacy has been portrayed by a belief in a future of racial equality while Malcolm X has been characterized as insisting that white America could not offer equality and demanded black separatism.
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How would you characterise Martin Luther Kings strategy for gaining civil rights In what ways did it differ from the approach espoused by Malcolm X or Stokely
Kings tactics were not only more peaceful than Malcolm X or Stokely Carmichaels approach, but more successful. Martin Luther King Junior was born on 15 January 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia (Garrow, 33). His father was a Baptist
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To make a comparison between them, it would be logical to first discuss Malcolm X who is more popular in an urban sense and then focus on Martin Luther King who appears to be more acceptable as a populist leader. My impression
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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
and manages to write “A homemade education.” The article focuses on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King because they represent two different approaches to attaining a common goal. Their different approaches of violence and nonviolence seem to stem from their initial opinions
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Compare and Contrast Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
For example, the march on Washington and the Montgomery bus boycott was his most influential. Conversely, Malcolm X had a different background, thus, used different methods to fight against racism. Malcolm X
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X Assignment
The author presents King’s and X’s relationship with the civil rights movement beyond the usual simple dualism. One of the main points of the introduction is that the popular idea that the two men were
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