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Genre Analysis - Essay Example

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Gun Control Introduction and Background Information There is no denying the fact that America tends to be the only nation where a citizen has the freedom to easily buy a gun from the market…
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Genre Analysis
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"Genre Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages This right to bear arms extended by the Constitution to the American citizens is causing many problems. There is a section of the American political class and citizens that believes that the buying and keeping of guns need to be subjected to tough laws as this allows any criminal minded person to buy guns and inflict violence on innocent citizens. The recent shoot out at a naval base in Washington, D.C. is an apt example of this. There is another section of the politicians and the citizens who believe that the existing constitutional right to buy and carry arms should not be tampered with, as it violates the freedom and rights extended to the citizens by the Constitution. Thereby gun control is an issue that is very controversial in the current context and the opinion of the American politicians and people tends to be very polarized regarding this issue. This paper will analyze four genres expressing opinion and views about the issue of gun control. Genre 1: Bumper Sticker The given bumper sticker tends to protest against the framing of tough laws regarding gun control. The very first line of this bumper sticker is indeed attention grabbing and thought provoking as it tries to make the audience aware of the larger issues associated with gun control that are the issues pertaining to individual freedom and liberty. The placing of the target message in rust brown against a white background makes the sticker quiet attention grabbing and attractive. The overall appeal of the message inherent in this bumper sticker is indeed emotive as it tries to solicit the public support by suggesting that tough gun control laws will deprive the people of their freedom and liberty. Genre 2: YouTube Video “Debating a Gun Control Fanatic”. YouTube. Retrieved 14 October 2012 from, The given YouTube video at the pretext of interviewing a person who is strictly supportive of tougher gun control laws tries to make a point that the people supporting tougher gun control laws are actually unreasonable and misinformed. The anchor in this video tends to interview a lone gun control supporter in the background of a rally being organized against gun control. The interviewer time and again tries to put words in the mouth of this gun control supporter, systematically trying to convey that this gun control supporter is of unsound reasoning ability, thereby trying to paint all the gun control supporters as being fanatics and incapable of reasoning. Time and again data showing that guns do not lead to a higher crime rate and loss of innocent lives is flashed in the back ground of this interview. The objective of this interview seems to be to frame the lone gun control supporter as an example of the irrationality and misinformation marking a support for tough gun laws. Genre 3: A Popular Magazine Article Zakaria, Fareed. “The Case for Gun Control”. Time Magazine, 20 August 2012. Retrieved 14 October 2013, from,9171,2121660,00.html The given article written by Fareed Zakaria, a renowned media personality, tends to address the audience who are interested in a well balanced and rational catechism as to the reasons that account for a peculiarly high gun homicide rate in the US. Far from the video discussed above, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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