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Summary/Response - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] Summary and Response: Children Need to Play, Not to Compete In the essay “Children Need to Play, Not to Compete” Jessica Statsky focuses on mental and physical impacts of organized competitive sports on children of six to twelve year (O'Connor and Braverman 25-26)…
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, children engaged in competitive sports are inclined to win. They consider sports as a matter of victory; children who lose are the victim of depression and frustration. Secondly, the author states that competitive sports emphasis on winning somewhat. This is because of the reason that the selection in the team is difficult. In order to be a member of a team, Children have to take tough physical trainings and try outs. Therefore, the children with good skill physically abilities stray challenges because of lack of self confidence and failure fear. During the training session, severe physical injuries are reported which are counterproductive for developing future athletes. Response I personally agree with the Statsky’s position in the paper Children Need to Play, Not Compete. One of the strength of the paper is the collection of data she used to support her statement. The examples and quotes used in the paper are extracted from famous newspapers and articles. I believe the resources used provide a better understanding for the readers. Examples used in the paper are selected from the famous newspaper ‘Times’. I believe these kinds of statements and resources enhance reliability of the data and effectiveness of the paper. Furthermore, Statsky used statistical information from the internet and real world to justify her argument. One of the statistical data in the paper is “when children are asked whether they would rather be warming the bench on a winning team, about 90 percent choose the latter. (O'Connor and Braverman 270-275)” This indicates that the argument she presents have been well acknowledged through evident resources. To understand physical and psychological impacts of organized competitive sports, the author argued spreading of competing theory in child ages. The paper includes a number of arguments to clarify confusion in understanding the concepts (Axelrod, Cooper and Warriner 165-170). The paper provides physical and psychological impacts on the student, but I believe that the author stresses on psychological affects more. This is because of the reason that the paper discusses physical impacts relatively less than psychological impacts. Statsky in her article “Highly organized competitive sport such as football and baseball are too often played to adult standard, which are developmentally inappropriate for children and can be both physically and psychologically harmful” (Hughes pg 280). Statsky relates physical injured with the mental condition of a child. In my opinion, the concept of competing theory used in the paper can be used in an effective manner. In this way, child can recognize their personal strength and weaknesses. This can be helpful for the children to make their future decisions. Children are more sensitive, and any harmful injury or event highly influences mental condition of the student. In my opinion, the approach Statsky used relates physical injuries with psychological impacts of children are very effective. I personally believe Statsky has carefully perceived mental condition during the course of sports training. Fear of failure and loosing causes children to lose their confidence in them. This may cause children to overlook their personal potential. Lack of confidence creates hesitation that they may encounter in their future decisions. According to my perspective, competing theory is one the practical opportunities for children to join the society as an adult. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Summary/Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2)
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