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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift (Summary Response) - Essay Example

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The solution proposal is by Jonathan Swift. Swift realizes the need to address the poverty problem in Ireland. He occasionally cites that not much has been…
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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift (Summary Response)
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Extract of sample "A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift (Summary Response)"

“A Modest Proposal” “A Modest Proposal” is created with the objective of developing solution to the increasing level of poverty in Ireland. The solution proposal is by Jonathan Swift. Swift realizes the need to address the poverty problem in Ireland. He occasionally cites that not much has been done to cater for the needs of the poor. In this proposal to a solution, Swift uses an example of the high number of street children in Irish streets. From this example, he highlights the areas the government has failed on its duty to eradicate poverty.
Swift asserts that walking through Irish streets one notices the beautiful city and streets. However, the beautiful view is distorted by street children begging for money (Swift par 1). In addition, the street children are accompanied by their mother. Swift insists on the need to develop a solution to address the problem (Swift par 2). However, he provides that not much has been done to help street families. Consequently, the numbers of street families are increasing significantly. Swift provides a suggestion that the children may be employed in construction and agriculture, but they lack the skills required in the fields (Swift par 17). Years later the children are turned into thieves a scenario that cannot be avoided.
To address the problem, Swift develops the argument that the children may feed a massive population if they are served as meals (Swift par 8). He further provides direction on how well to prepare the carcass of a child. In addition, he asserts that their skin after the carcass has been used may be used to make gloves and boots for the rich (Swift par 13). Swift asserts that the solution may be well welcomed by England. This is based on that the country has failed to help Ireland. Consequently, eradication the course of the need would be an effective strategy.
Swift uses satire to express his anger on the failure of the government and England to address the poverty problem in Ireland. He proposes cannibalism as the only way that the street children in Dublin could be eradicated from the streets. However, this solution does not reflect his real intent in solving the problem. He asserts that he has no pleasure towards his work, but he seeks to benefit the public (Swift par 31). His objective is to create a written piece from which the reader could understand the depth of the problem. Additionally, the reader is also able to understand the failure by the government. Consequently, the need to suggest such an extreme alternative as solution is developed.
In regards to addressing the problem on poverty, Swift develops the assertion that the only way the poverty could be eradicated is by the rich helping the poor. In addition, the government has the role of addressing general problems such as the lack of education. This is, however, contrary to the current mechanisms implemented to address the problem. Swift has directly faulted England on the problems in Ireland (Swift par 29). In this proposed solution, Swift directly blames the rich for being reluctant in providing help for the poor.
Work Cited
Swift, Jonathan. A Modest Proposal. 27 July, 2008. Web. 1 Dec, 2014. Read More
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