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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Climate Change Human beings’ lives on earth are greatly guaranteed by the presence of air in the atmosphere which is very essential to any life. Favourable environment, climate and weather significantly contributed to the creation of cosmic bio-diversity in land, ocean and air; however climate is most essential for the safe and risk free existence of every life whether animal life, human life or even plant life…
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Climate change
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"Climate change"

physics of the earth’s atmosphere and also inclusive of chemistry and biology. Even though they are different uncertainties in climate change predictions, the core of the predictions is of very little doubt since they are based ultimately in observations which are formed into testable theories; the theories are expressed in form of mathematical expressions which are solved to give predictions. (Vishal, 2013, 1) Today climatologists’ main concerns are climate change and its impact; for instance global warming is being noticed around the world due to climate change. As of today, global warming is the greatest problem facing planet earth and is in fact the temperature increase of the earth’s neon surface air on top of being the most current and widely discussed factors concerning climate. Global warming has a far reaching impact on the bio-diversity and earth’s climate conditions; it is clearly demonstrated by a couple of trends that it has a direct impact on noteworthy worldwide climate changes, the melting of ice caps and rising sea levels which is a clear indication of the threat that global warming poses to all living things. Global average temperature has significantly been rising over the years, which has been caused by the increase in atmospheric gas concentrations from activities by humans and as a result the world is getting warmer and warmer every year. Due to the imbalance that humans have made between earth and their lives, there has been a series of disaster signs like drought, tsunami, cyclones, landslides etc and if the imbalance persists to rise, existence of the planet will be questioned.(Mohammad, 2013, 1) Carbon dioxide, an imperative component of the environment causes a warming effect on the surface of the earth thus increasing the evaporation of water into the atmosphere hence causing more warming since water vapour is also a green house gas. The carbon dioxide level is likely to rise in the future due to the continued land use change and combustion of relic fuels; however the rate at which the levels will rise will be determined greatly by developments on ground like; technology, economy and other natural developments. Increase in the use of other gases like CFCs, methane and nitrous oxide, which are also accountable for global warming, has been caused by explosive population growth, deforestation, technological advancement and growing urbanisation. Trees are considered to be the largest land-based mechanism for eliminating carbon dioxide from the air and thus play a significant role in global carbon cycle; however deforestation, the second principle cause of atmospheric carbon dioxide, is scrutinizing these positive processes. (Vishal, 2013, 1) Global warming and population growth also have a very close relation, and today the large numbers of population are using the different technologies which are disparaging for the earth. Moreover, a large portion of carbon release is accredited to the combustion of gasoline in vehicles engines; poor gas mileage vehicles contribute greatly to global warming. (Mohammad, 2013, 1) Global temperatures increase will lead to rise in sea level hence causing the melting of glaciers, frequency of extreme weather and change in rainfall patterns; it is said that the shrinking of glaciers is going to create a major challenge to drinking water. The Read More
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(Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2)
Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2.
“Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 2”, n.d.
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Climate change
The climate change is the term that is used to refer the Global warming due to the emission of the green house gases. The major reason of the climate change is the emissions of green house gases. The issue is now realized and many governments and industries try to opt more sustainable ways instead of utilizing the conventional methods to generate energy.
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Climate change
Although it is a devastating dilemma, we are not left hopeless. Climate change urges rapid modifications on how we run our systems by altering our individual lifestyles, establishing legislation as the nation’s aid, and participation of other countries in this endeavor.
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Climate Change
Climate change can be due to: Natural variability – warming or cooling due to sun spot activity, solar radiation Human activity – burning of fossil gases into the atmosphere, causing enhanced greenhouse effect However, there is much debate about what causes climate change, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change refers to a change of climate that is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the global atmosphere.
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Climate change
Changing temperatures and unpredictable swings in the jet stream continue to alter the distribution and predictability of precipitation throughout the country, all caused by climate changes. Though the root cause of climate change is not fully understood, the long-term impact on ecosystems throughout the United States is an altered environment in which humans, animals and infrastructures have grown dependent upon.
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Climate change
Solutions have to be in place before the overall temperature of the Earth rises beyond two degrees Celsius: a tipping point when impacts are deemed irreversible by the European Union. This change in climate is primarily caused by carbon dioxide emissions from anthropogenic activities such as burning fossil fuels for energy consumption.
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Climate change
ions that have contributed to climate change and as such have committed to address the issue and assist developing countries in reducing their admissions. There are many negative consequences as a result of climate change and here rising sea levels will be discussed. The rise
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Climate change
A number of events and activities within the biosphere interfere with the normal ecosystem balance, which creates disturbances in the environment. These changes affect
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Climate Change
The effects of fast changing climate have brought serious challenges to the society. The population is vulnerable to catastrophes such as floods
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Climate change
This is a problem. It shows that scientists do not always think about international problems in general. Instead, they try to prove that their field of study is the most essential. Both, the U.S. space program and oceanic exploration, are important for the
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Climate change
National Aeronautics and Space Administration poses a crucial question regarding the evidence of climate change whose answers aid in understanding the noticeable changes around the world. The question has been addressed both in qualitative and
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