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Persuasive , recycling - Speech or Presentation Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Recycling “Did you take out the trash?” How many times do we hear our parents remind us to remove the trash from our kitchens? After being away from home for three years, I went back and the words from my mother after dinner were the same, “Have you sorted the trash?…
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Persuasive speech , recycling
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"Persuasive , recycling"

Download file to see previous pages We take these as simple daily acts of negligence but failing to throw that piece of paper, plastic, glass or metal in the right trash bin for recycling is slowly killing this beautiful earth we call home. Today, I am going to highlight the problem we face when we fail to recycle and contribute to build up of trash on Earth, the benefits of recycling and the steps we can take as individuals and communities to help. Effects of Trash Build-up and Benefits of Recycling Recycling is one of those things we all know we need to do, it is in our to-do list, but we fail to do it as effectively as we have planned, or in some of us, we completely disregard it. However, there are various reasons why we should always remember to recycle that piece of paper or plastic. In case an individual is not been very diligent in making an effort to throw the empty can of soda into the trash, here are the reasons why everybody should begin recycling. First of all, recycling fundamentally reduces global warming. Our mother Earth is unfortunately feeling the effects of global warming already and it is our duty as the inhabitants to take whatever initiative possible to cut down or totally eliminate the negative impacts that come with this sad phenomenon. The industrial production of certain materials that we use in our daily lives can release significant amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For example, the production of new aluminum, the material used to make the cans for sodas, leads to the production of 92% more carbon dioxide that recycling old aluminum cans (Hieronymi, Ramzy and Eric 94). Now we all know from our chemistry lessons that carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and additional release to the atmosphere is a resultant increase in global warming. Recycling also makes us more energy efficient as more energy is usually needed to create something from the raw materials than to recycle it. For instance, producing paper from trees consumes sixty four percent more energy than recycling it while burning plastic uses double the energy that would have been consumed if recycled. The energy saved when materials are reprocessed can be applied in other useful areas, for instance, if only one pound of steel is recycled, the energy can be used to power a 60-watt bulb for a whole day. Is it not just intriguing how much we can save by remembering to throw that litter in the right trash bin? Recycling waste also keeps our landfills from overflowing as we are soon running out of space to use for dumping our litter. I believe that none of us here today would wish to see his landfill of trash backyard his balcony. Moreover, studies have shown that 60-70% of garbage in landfills can be recycled which implies that if we became more diligent in recycling, we would be getting rid of 60-70% of the garbage lying in the landfills (Miller and Spoolman 555). We should also not forget that these landfills release toxic gases that are not only harmful to us human beings, but also to the ecological life around them. The process also improves the quality of the earth’s groundwater as the garbage deposited in landfills is never treated but just buried. Therefore, any toxic chemicals that could have present in the garbage are allowed to seep into the ground water that are used in other areas as a source of water for daily household usage. Furthermore, runoff rainwater from these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Persuasive Speech , Recycling or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Persuasive Speech , Recycling or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words. https://studentshare.org/english/1483465-persuasive-speech-recycling.
“Persuasive Speech , Recycling or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1483465-persuasive-speech-recycling.
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