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Debate over stem cell - Research Paper Example

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[Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] Stem Cell Research Introduction: Stem cells are known as the mother cells that are capable of becoming a cell of any type in the body. Stem cells have many characteristics but the major one is their ability to multiply and renew while developing into different kinds of cells…
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Debate over stem cell research paper
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"Debate over stem cell"

Download file to see previous pages The issues of the stem cell research have been a topic for issue since many years. The issue has created a division between the scientific, political and religious groups throughout the world. The issue revolves around one question: When exactly does the life begin? In order to get reliable stem cells and harvest the embryo’s cells, the scientists have to destroy it. The embryo might only contain a few cells as less as four or five, but yet has ignited a debate where religious groups say destroying of these cells is equal to killing a human. Eventually, the debate entered the political area as well (Moore 7). Suddenly, these stem cells tended to be everywhere and still are. The complexity of these tiny stem cells has increased by every tick of the clock. The stem cell research has been funded by the state since years. The debate regarding the stem cells has threatened the religious beliefs, traditional alliances and challenged the comprehension of life. The political war over embryonic stem cell research: There is a political war over the embryonic stem cell research and the battle is over abortion with some twists. These cells are from embryos and many of the religious groups consider the embryo as life. But it is undeniable that these stem cells are promising and can help many ailing patients thus the debate initiated that whether the stem cell research should be funded and allowed legally or not (Moore 7). The state has long been involved in the political debate of using the federal monies to fund the stem cell research. Until 1996, the federal monies were used to fund the stem cell research as the primary source for funding but later in the same year, the Congress had passed the Dickey-Wicker amendment which banned the funding of any research which involved the creation or destruction of the human embryo through federal monies. The Congress argued that the stem cell research was unethical, religiously controversial and illegal. President George W. Bush supported this argument as well even though many of the members of the administration had opposing views that an embryo is not a human life and it should be allowed for further research to take advantage of the potential benefits it brings (Pressberg 65). The political controversy reshaped when President Barack Obama came into power and argued that the stem cell research should be expanded due to its benefits to the future of the community. The President initiated a new policy that was disliked by many of the religious scholars but cooled many at the same time. As the President allowed funding the stem cell research in three conditions: firstly that the stem cell line was from the 22 that existed at Bush’s time or had been created from the embryos which was discarded; secondly that the donors were not paid for it; and thirdly that the donors were clearly aware of what their embryos was being used for before they gave consent. Many religious scholars, who argued against the stem cell research and the fact that killing a human life (embryo) to save many others it unethical and unjustified, favoured this policy as it did not give consent to create or destroy human embryos but rather use those which were already discarded. However, this policy moved the scientists and they protested against it by filing a lawsuit in 2009. The scientists argued in the case that the new policy would increase the competition for funding affecting their chances of obtaining funds. Thus, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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