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Reader Response Criticism of Let America be America Again and Harlem(A dream deferred) by Langston Hughes - Essay Example

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Subject: Essay, English Date: Title: Reader Response Criticism of Let America be America Again and Harlem (A dream deferred) by Langston Hughes If one carefully reads through the title of the poem “Let America be America Again” by Langston Hughes, he makes it known that he has gone through the experiences of two Americas…
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Reader Response Criticism of Let America be America Again and Harlem(A dream deferred) by Langston Hughes
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Extract of sample "Reader Response Criticism of Let America be America Again and Harlem(A dream deferred) by Langston Hughes"

Download file to see previous pages When he mentions “America never was America to me” (p.189,Line 5) what he means that African Americans are also part of the freedom struggle of America and their contribution is not less than the white race, and yet freedom does not free them in the real sense. They face discrimination at every turn of their existence and their actions are being judged. The second battle is tougher than the earlier one, because it is the attack on their sentimental world and essential dignity of their efforts to live with honor. No writer or poet can sweep under the carpet one’s real life experiences and they are bound to find reflection in the writings. Similar is the case with Hughes, and he candidly admits it. He experiences the trauma of segregation and the type of inhuman treatments being meted out to the blacks. He lives to see the changes that engulf the American social and cultural scenario as slavery is banned; all types of racial acts and slurs are legally forbidden and all citizens are equal on all counts. But legal protection is just one part of the story. Hughes makes a fervent appeal for total freedom in the real sense of the term. He writes “But opportunity is real, and life is free, Equality is in the air we breathe”. ...
One feels secured under such conditions and has something to look forward to in life. How does this poem make you feel about America? Langston Hughes (Born: 1-2-1902: Died: 22-5-1967) would have been happy to observe things taking shape for the better with each passing day, for the African American race. Recollection of the bitter past becomes tolerable when the present states of affairs are sound. This poem sets me thinking, how fortunate I am to have been born and live in the present period. My heart goes out to the ancestors of the African Americans who suffer untold miseries, physical punishments and mental torture, denial of education and they are compelled to confront all the negativities that one can think of. The present African American generation must be proud of what they are able to accomplish and progress they are making in all walks of life. In short, this poem is like a powerful current that creates great vibrations in my heart. It is inspiring and evocative. My story of struggle in America My story of struggle to establish in America is somewhat similar, if not as grim as that of the race to which Langston Hughes belongs. My parents immigrate to America from India in the 1980s to settle in New York City. I am the first generation Indian American of my family to be born and to take college education in New Jersey. My parents have the problem of getting used to the American accent and language and assimilation with the co-workers is a tough asking and honorable survival is not all that easy. They learn the English language literally from the scratch. Being exposed to the popular culture of America, I grow up as an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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