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Snakes Name: Institution: SNAKES The bible says in Leviticus 11:29 that the unclean things that swarm the earth are the mouse, the mole, and great lizards. In addition, in verse 31, the bible includes snakes to the animals that are unclean and says that whoever encounters these swarming creatures when they die will become unclean until the onset of the evening…
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Paper 1

Download file to see previous pages... How many people take the snake for granted? Indeed, how many people respond to snakes the way we did in this story? A few years ago, I paid a visit to a High School friend in Pottsville, New South Wales over my winter break. My friends name was Nimrod and he had another English friend living with him at the time named Gareth. My friend’s home was a somewhat dilapidated weatherboard house that had ample air conditioning in the form of holes. Gareth, on one sunny day, decided to take a bath in the old school and “holey” bathroom where we could make out his joyous renditions of raucous rugby songs. The shriek was totally out of the blue and surprising. “ARRRGGHHH”, he shouted, followed by the slamming of the bathroom door. We saw him run off, naked as a newborn, for the woodheap. He rummaged in the woodheap and retrieved one rather tribal-looking axe before heading back into the bathroom. “I got you, you slimy b****. There is nowhere to slither to,” he cried, accompanied by thumping sounds. Nimrod and I decided to go and see what Gareth was so worked up about. Imagine how horrified we were to see Gareth, axe clasped in hand, standing naked, triumphantly, astride a very large snake that he had chopped into pieces. I looked at Nimrod, and he was as horrified as I was since we knew the snake. He was Oprah, his neighbor’s pet ratter, who was a rather friendly and lugubrious house python, at least two meters in length, and who had a liking for resting beneath Nimrod’s bed. Gareth, seeing our faces, tried incoherently to explain that the snake had come at him from the roof. “Would you have cuddled him?” he queried. Indeed, what would have been your reaction in a situation such as this? It is my reckoning that the snake would have been victim to the same fate in 70% of situations, and many would empathize wholly with Gareth. If this is true, then maybe there is a need to better look at the snake. Earth does not simply have life but a web of life on it. This web stretches and wobbles as the existence of tens of millions of species teeter in a precarious balance with one nurturing resource in the form of earth. Flora, mammals, fishes, birds, reptiles, insects, and all life are interconnected. It is for this reason that science has raised the concern of extinction for many species in the world. Wiping out other species, for example, the less likeable species like snakes, will lead to a significant imbalance in the environment, creating a void in the life web that, eventually, may destroy the web and decimate life, as we know it on earth. Snakes and creatures that humans think are ugly to look at have become a major concern worldwide, especially in habitats that are congested with human habitats overlapping with snake populations. In New South Wales, where Nimrod lives, he told me that the snake habitats had been exploited, and this forced the two species; snakes and humans, to co-exist. In fact, some of them had taken the snakes in and domesticated them. Nimrod was adamant that snakes and humans can co-exist. He told me that early societies in North America had manipulated their environment in a way that allowed human and snake habitats to co-exist and overlap. He showed me a book written by European explorers, soldiers, trappers, and missionaries that affirmed native Indians even ate some of the species before they settled there. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Various theorists have tried to explain the nature of international relations but none have come up with a very good explanation of global events such as armed conflicts and trade wars among other areas of conflict and cooperation. Some theorists such as the realists rely on human nature to explain events while others rely on structures and ideologies.
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Paper 1
The rise of online marketing has received a big boost after the increase in the number of people using social media globally. Social media is now being considered a very convenient way of marketing since the information reaches the intended consumers quickly, yet the costs involved are minimal.
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Higher grades will be awarded to papers that demonstrate personal mastery of course content including identity development, ethical practice, and effective communication. The word "Counsel" is defined by Black's Law dictionary1 as "advice or assistance", or as "one of more lawyers who represent a client e.g.
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1. Paper
s Studies Online emphasized that Kant’s theory of CI “could be seen as a rational justification for following the golden rule that is the cornerstone of Christian morals” (Religious, par. 15). As Kant’s theory is seen to be applicable in various scenarios and endeavors,
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BOA holds $ 408 billion of mortgages and home equity. Ever since the subprime crisis surfaced in 2008 and after the acquisition of Countrywide Financial Corp, BOA has lost more than $15 billion. Such huge mortgage holdings do not augur well
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This paper explicates issues of long term care through focusing on a case scenario involving two elderly individuals, Don and Mary. Based on the case scenario presented in the book Dimensions of long term care
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It is one of the earliest known systems of writing. Cuneiform was written on clay tablets. It was made using blunt reed as a stylus. Cuneiform scripts started emerging during the Sumer in the late 4th millennium or
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The statements of the report are not only misleading but also misrepresenting and neglectful. The subsequent sections analyse these anomalies and explore the issues through an in-depth evaluation of AJIB’s Jordan Telecom (JT) valuation
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tice that has to be followed by each member of the professional group failure to which the member may face disciplinary action for violating the code of ethics. As such, a code of ethics seeks to eliminate conflict and ultimately guide how conflicts should be addressed when they
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Paper 1
behind this ordinance was that there were many children who were moving to East Cleveland to seek for better schools, thus overwhelming the available capacity and overburdening the schools financially. Thus, the grandmother was convicted for the violation of this ordinance,
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