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Snakes - Research Paper Example

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Snakes Snakes are rarely the kind of reptilic animals one would choose to curl up with on the bed at night. They are not like cute little puppies that can be laid on ones’ lap, and babied. You cannot house train a snake, though some snakes appear to be more domesticated than others…
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Download file to see previous pages... In the Bible, snakes are held in high regard and widely respected. They cling to people, and they are God’s right hand when it comes to judgment. They are considered crafty, smart, strong, and stealthy. God often uses snakes as the product of a miracle; to prove that God really does exist. Snakes are capable of mesmerizing and hypnotizing people, they are also considered a health resource in many countries, sucking venom out of injured people and bringing them to life. But they can also be very dangerous. According to expert Ken Burton, he says that some cultures revere snakes and even ignore them. There are many different types of snakes. Each types of snake have different qualities that make them unique and able to withstand and survive in their environment. The ability to survive without legs in this bustling world would be hard for anyone…but not for snakes! There are snakes that can climb trees, burrow deep into the earth, and live in the water. But which snakes live where and why? The Colubridae family of snakes makes up two thirds of all the snakes in the entire world. You can find snakes everywhere except for Ireland, New Zealand and some smaller islands. And out of the many types of snakes, less than 600 types are venomous. Many snakes are considered to be useful and though Eve lost her battle with a serpent in the Garden of Eden, snakes seem to have a false reputation which keeps humans away from them. The Garter snake, rat snake, black snake and king snake are all types of snakes that are in the non-venomous category. The Boidae snakes are snakes that are famous for their size and length. The Boa and the Python fall under this type of snake due to their length and size. They have a unique ability when capturing their prey. The Elapidae is a venomous type of snake. There are over 250 species of this kind. The Xenopeltidae snake or better known as Sunbeam snakes lives in southeastern Asia. What is the habitat like for each snake group? Each snake, depending on its type, have a habitat that is either the same or unique to each other. The Colubridae snake lives both on earth and in the water. They are found in every state in the United States and also in the Canadian province and territories. People living in South America will also encounter these snakes on a daily basis. The Boidae snake is found mostly in Mexico and parts of South America. These snakes are large and live near water sources so they may catch their prey quickly and effortlessly. The Elapidae snakes live in different kinds of habitats. You may find some in the water and others in trees. They are prominently seen in Africa and the Near East. This type of snake comes with several different names. They are Australian Copperheads, Common Cobra, Coral Snake, Death Adder, Egyptian Cobra, Green Namba, King Cobra, Krait, Taipan and Tiger Snake. The Xenopeltidae (Sunbeam Snakes) live underground, in leaves, or under trash. They live in humid forests, rice paddies, farm fields, parks and gardens next to the woods. They can be found in Southern China, Southeast Asia, west of Thailand, and South through Indonesia. At some point in time, all of these snakes will mate and the breading strategies are all very similar if not the same. Every creature must recreate themselves in order to survive. When procreating, they need to keep in mind what it takes to attract the perfect mate in order to continue its legacy. This is where the importance of mating takes place. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Typically, snakes live in the warmer climates of the Earth due to the fact that they are cold-blooded, or endothermy, animals and they derive their heat from surroundings such as from the sun or the ground. One of the most common poisonous snakes that exist in Salt Lake City, Utah is the Mojave Desert Sidewinder.
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Pythons are long, big and strong snakes, quite like anaconda, pythons also fall in the category of Boidae snakes and these are non-venomous (Shine). There are various types of pythons these are Burmese python, Green tree python, Ball python, African rock python and reticulated python.
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Therefore, experts cure these bites with the help of certain anti-venoms. Snake anti-venom works successfully on many victims of snakebites. In particular, a live specimen of the snake allows the experts to acquire its anti-venom. This process is also identifiable as “milking of a snake” (Dart, 2004) whereby the snake confronts the inclination to bite a certain cloth and the venom then goes for the anti-venom process.
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Epic Hero Hercules
Zeus’ wife Hera hated Hercules so much for he was considered as an illegitimate son of Zeus. Originally, Hercules was named Alcides but his name was later changed to Heracles to please Hera, but in vain. When he was still young, Hera sent two snakes to his cot but he ended up strangling the snakes and playing with them as toys.
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Climate Change
Some people argue that human activities are causing global warming whereas others are of the view that solar variations are causing global warming. In any case, it is a fact that global warming and climate change problems are causing huge problems to people, animals, agriculture and environment.
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Examine the role classical conditioning plays in how people develop fears and phobias
The concept evolved from the works of a Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate to a stimulus, such as the sound of a bell. The procedures involve exposing an individual to two different stimuli at the same time. The stimuli are unconditioned stimulus and conditioned stimulus.
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Giant Snakes
Both python and boa have a backbone, circulatory and nervous systems, an efficient digestive apparatus like most carnivorous animals, a respiratory apparatus, a reproductive system, kidneys, muscles and so on, snakes have all the characteristics of terrestrial vertebrates.
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Native American Iconography and depictions in Art of 18th and early 19th century
As the Europeans have quickly become the dominant racial and cultural group in what is now known as the United States, the native culture has been subjugated. The true Native American has become mixed with the stereotype, a process that began
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Case of Anna O
Freud on the other hand did his research without inclination to religion but mostly used a deterministic approach, whereby an individual was viewed as a complicated system
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Medusa was the daughter of sea deities Phorcys and Cеto, and the granddaughter of Gaia and Pontus. However, she was born not a terrible monster, but a fine Sea Lady. She was so beautiful that Poseidon
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