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Analysis and Interpretation of the Theme - The Bagman's Father - Essay Example

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ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF THE THEME- "The Bagman's Father" The Bagman's Father is play written by playwright Jeff Liss. This is basically a suspense based play which incorporates action, thrill and violence which combines emotions at a point…
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Analysis and Interpretation of the Theme - The Bagmans Father
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"Analysis and Interpretation of the Theme - The Bagman's Father"

Download file to see previous pages The play has been set at a local restaurant which has several components; the first is a cluttered and cheap restaurant where all sort of people have access to food and drinks. The second is a fine dining restaurant where only high officials and elite's approach for their recreation and finally there is a sitting room where limited people sit spend their time. This story unfolds in such a manner that it highlights the negatives that prevail in the society and the underworld where life is pretty cheap and stakes are quite high. This story is something pretty unusual but depicts the reality of the darker side of life which most of us are not aware of. The life where death is common and one is taught to "Die happy" as it is part of their fate. This play is a very good example of a suspense thriller where on each step a mystery is awaiting our protagonist that is the Bagman. Devotion and dedication to a cause can be observed as he despite all the hurdles and obstacles that come his way he still manages to maintain the dignity of his work. He is well aware of the fact that this profession can eventually take his life but despite the fact he continues his effort irrespective of what may come his way. He knows that if he meets Avila Schond on his way to the siting room where he is going in search of Ramachadran then things will not be in his favor so taking such a bold step portrays his courage and devotion. Another thing that is very intriguing is how smart he acts throughout the play and never takes a step backs despite all the hardships that came his way. He is determined to convey the message to Mr. Ramachadran through any means even at the cost of his life. When his instincts tell him that the message might contain something that can cause his death as his teacher whom he was really attached to was killed in the same manner, he still keeps his morale high and does not give up on hope at any cost and confronts to his duty. Throughout the course of the play the writer has incorporated violence, fraud, deceit and the ills that prevail in such a society. But despite that the writer did not fail to incorporate emotions in the play. Although the Bagman had been a bastard and was disowned by his own father, after ages when they met even then he had a soft corner for him and despite all the grudges he has for him he still cannot hide his feelings for his father and therefore he manages to express them at some point or the other. By the end of the play the father even manages to express the love he had for his mother, “I loved your mother,” he said. “I did, Son." Another point which shows that although being raised in an environment where cheating and fraud persist the bagman still finds someone like his teacher who is his only inspiration and although he is not with him anymore he adores him and seeks his teachings and has respect for him proving to be loyal to his master. "You know them, you know their business, you know the relationships, but when you carry their money, you don’t know what it’s for. And when you deliver these messages, you don’t know what they say.” This explains his job and how risky things were for him and irrespective of that he had to work for them knowing that his life is at stake over there. This story has a massive portion which deals with massacre and bloodshed with the use of deadly weapons and various other ways. The end of the play leaves the protagonist injured and when he is revived and the other characters ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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