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Evaluation on The Dark Knight Trilogy - Essay Example

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A Christopher Nolan masterpiece brings in a well-deserved fresh air into a Batman franchise that had been all but destroyed by its predecessors. …
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Evaluation Essay on The Dark Knight Trilogy
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"Evaluation on The Dark Knight Trilogy"

Download file to see previous pages Far more than merely being a suit to which Batman wears, the costume in the progression that is exhibited itself is something of a subplot and corresponding and analogous to the main storyline is taking place. In addition to the progression of the costumes will that Batman wore within the trilogy, the viewer instantly comes to the extermination that a more flexible and freer style is exhibited in each progressive film. Naturally, it can and should be noted that this more free and flexible style also means that the representation of the suit becomes more fluid and less like a patchwork or mash of armor. It would therefore not be a stretch to compare the way in which the suit is exhibited within these films as an indication for the overall level of completeness, self identification, and personal development that Bruce Wayne brings to this created character. In such a way, the costume itself serves as a type of micro theme in which the viewer is made aware of the fact that Batman, through the representation of the suit, is continually evolving and ultimately becoming more and more comfortable with the character he defines. Similarly, with regards the improvements that were made over previous Batman films, the current trilogy exhibits expertise in both makeup and costume design that ancillary characters and villains represent. No more can this be seen as with regards to the character of “the Joker”. Whereas in movies of the past, the Joker has been portrayed in unbelievably comical ways, the deep scars along with the faded clown makeup that the Joker exhibited only served to reinforce the level of understanding the audience had with regards to his villainy. In such a way, costume and makeup were able to...
Element that gives the trilogy strength is with regards to character development that takes place within the secondary characters of Alfred Pennyworth and Jim Gordon. Whereas in the beginning of the trilogy Alfred Pennyworth acts as an unquestionable pillar of support for Bruce Wayne, as he begins to see the increasing psychological and emotional toll that the character of Batman is having upon Bruce, Alfred’s overall level of support beings to diminish. This is of course most distinctly noted within the third film as Alfred finally actively attempts to restrain Bruce Wayne from returning to his role due to the incalculable effect that it is having upon him. In something of an Opposite Way, Jim Gordon, at first highly skeptical of the character of Batman, eventually comes around to realize that such a character plays an important role within the society of Gotham. Although Jim Gordon cannot be considered as a villain, the fact of the matter is that he nonetheless exhibits less than desirable traits with regards to the manner in which he attempts to utilize Batman to his own ends. Regardless of such a selfish motive, Jim Gordon ultimately agrees to further a lie as a means of keeping Batman’s secret safe. Perhaps most importantly of all, with regards to character deterioration, Bruce Wayne undergoes the most romantic and prolonged transformation of any of the characters within the film series. Whereas the first film portrays the character that dabbles with his alter ego in the form of Batman, this dynamic is cemented within each subsequent film to the point that Bruce Wayne nearly ceases to exist by the time “The Dark Knight” concludes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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