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Why are men most of the time the leading character in science fiction films - Essay Example

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Males have historically appeared to dominate and play the role of leading character in science fiction films. This trend has been disturbing to socialists and feminists who have increasingly fought for balancing of the roles to include if not substituting females with males in playing leading roles in the science fiction films. …
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Why are men most of the time the leading character in science fiction films
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Download file to see previous pages Such determinations have manifested through female actors joining and streaming the art of science fiction films to agitate for their recognition. Feminist female writers have expressed desire to translate the current social shift that is intending to achieve total gender equality. Many reasons underlie the mystery of male gender appear to dominate or assume massive roles as leading characters in the science fiction film. One reason attributes to the intensive use of technology in the science fiction films (Tolette 42). In most of the science fiction films, it is common to come across high-tech guns, rockets, robots and massive scientific phenomena in the lines of technology. It is undisputable that male genders or men have been the main innovators, inventors and creators of the technologies and the technological devices. The fact that they create technology and technological devices places them in the best position to control and manage the operations of the devices. Tolette confirms that these are facts known to every individual in the wider societies and it would be deceptive or meaningless for writers of the science fiction films give women leading roles in the movies (49). The aspect of deception can occur because movies and films act as reflections of the contemporary or future social issues within the particular societies, and people find it enjoyable when movies demonstrate some aspects of social reality. This means that using male gender to play leading roles in the films creates sense of reasonability, credibility and authenticity of the particular films of science fiction. However, the technological aspect tat warrants male dominance in the science fiction films is slowly fading since women are increasingly participating in technological advancements making it reasonable to begin featuring females as leading characters in the films. One example of such developments includes The Stepford Wives (1975) that featured a small village where there was gradual replacement of wives with robotic women (Stange, Carol and Jane 1223). Other examples are the Eve of Destruction (1991, Aliens (1986), Terminator 2 and Cherry 2000 (1987), which pointedly placed women in the positions of technological mastery. The listed films feature women as wielders of hardware, creators of powerful programs and givers of orders. In the demonstration of Johnston, another reason for male taking leading roles in most of the science fiction movies relates to the fact that they men constitute the majority writers of the films (52). This dominance has seen male film writers focus on giving men roles of leading characters. The dominant male film writers also take advantage of widespread perception and reality that men constitute the great scientists and use the scientific fictions in films to confirm this reality to the societies. In addition, dominant male writers of the science fiction films use the privilege to hold on the traditional beliefs that put men above women. The film writers have the urge to demonstrate and reinforce their initial social order of making women subjective to men and incapable of playing complex roles. Another reason for domination of male in leading characters in science fiction relates to be belief that women make decisions based on emotions and tension while those of males rely on rationality (Stange, Carol and Jane 1224) 43). This fact makes filmmakers afford women subordinate and supporting roles while men play leading roles. Science fiction films solely bases on the principles of technology and are tech intensive. To operate successfully, scientific devices such as those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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