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Fate or destiny is it possible to control that which we have no control of - Essay Example

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Name Instructor: Course: Date: Is it Possible to Control Fate or Destiny? Fate and destiny are two different things but more often than not people think that they are the same. The difference between destiny and fate is control and choice. Fate is a preordained happening in one’s life that you have no control over and will take place irrespective of what you do…
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Fate or destiny is it possible to control that which we have no control of
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"Fate or destiny is it possible to control that which we have no control of"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, death and birth are unavoidable. Similarly, there are several other occurrences in life that seem inevitable. Destiny plays an important role in our daily lives. Each and every event in our lives is governed by our destiny. With regards to destiny, we are truly in control of ourselves and we are responsible for our decisions. However, there are some things that are beyond our control, this is what can be regarded as fate. In the larger scheme of things, we feel free as we are human being are able do what they want. If we make the correct decisions in life and act accordingly, no one will prevent us from achieving what we really want. The cultural, divine and psychological forces that can be a hindrance to a person’s destiny but if he or she remains focused he will be able to control his fate. Men struggle and work to attain specific ends, but later realize that there is a power that is beyond their control, which frustrates their efforts. As men age, they accept the power of destiny and its effect on the world around them. Great men such as philosophers and poets also submitted to this power and witnessed as it seemed to favor the favorites and strike its victims. This essay will explore the story by William Faulkner “Barn Burning” and “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Coleridge to show that a person is able to control his destiny but has no control over his fate. This power of destiny is represented by the greatest poets including William Faulkner in his work, “Barn Burning”. Most dramatists often depict heroes as knowledgeable of their destiny and attempting to escape from it. However, by trying to escape from their destiny, a series of consequences result. The consequences bring about their some challenges. Therefore, poets assert that a man cannot avert his or her destiny, whether he knows the destiny or not. Every unconscious or conscious act of the man is one step towards his or her destiny. In the “Barn Burning”, Abner, is said to “have an old habit which he had not been permitted to choose for himself” (Faulkner 56). Therefore, this argument can show that a person is not able to change his destiny regardless of the challenges he faces. This clearly shows that the boy has control over his destiny but does not have any control over his fate. It seems there was a supernatural power that dictated his behavior or habit. It is thus impossible for Abner or any other person to control his fate but he has control over his destiny. The forces of fate are also presented in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Coleridge show that there are things beyond our control. For example, the poem talks of death as an incident that is beyond man’s control. It is impossible for an individual to have knowledge of when or how they are going to die. Also, once death is to occur, no one can stop it. The reverse is also true in that, if one is not destined to die, then no one can cause the ultimate death of that person. In part IV of the poem, the persona says “alone, alone, all, all alone…the many men, so beautiful, and they all dead did lie” (Coleridge 89). This point clearly shows that death is fate and no human individual is able to control it. However, if one is able to avoid death through living a good free from any dangers you will live much longer. The author was destined ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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