Legalization of Drugs: Causes and Effects - Essay Example

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In our modern and more open day and age, topics that were once taboo have become not only more prominent, but have prompted serious considerations in regard to making them a normal part of daily life. …
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Legalization of Drugs: Causes and Effects
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"Legalization of Drugs: Causes and Effects"

Download file to see previous pages One potential cause that would allow drugs to be legalized is for the real and pressing issues of drug usage to be addressed. Like many laws and regulations set forth by politicians, policy makers have been more concerned with putting an end to the action or result than investigating their causes. The prohibition of drugs is no exception. Drug use is often recreational, which is what these policy makers are attempting to end, yet there are also many instances in which drug use is a result of poverty and despair (Kaestner 366). These are the individuals that tend to use drugs discreetly, too afraid of the ramifications of admitting to being addicted or dependent on illegal substances to seek help. As such, an effect of legalizing drugs would mean that problematic drug users would not have to fear being open about their addictions, allowing them to get the help that they desperately need. The concept that crime could be reduced and the criminal marketplace eradicated is another cause of drug legalization. When it comes to violence, the production, distribution, and use of illegal drugs make up one of the largest statistics. Since the market for illegal drugs is unregulated, prompting the majority of drugs to be obtained through theft, which can often involve injury or murder, the market becomes expensive and incredibly dangerous. The illegality of drugs allows the drug market and related crime to thrive. If drugs were legalized, though, the market would be able to be regulated through various legislation since the dangerous middle-men would be removed from the equation, and people would not have to go to such potentially deadly measures to obtain drugs. The effect would be less crime, an increase in overall drug-related violence, and a diminished drug cartel. Another effect in this category would be the beneficial changes to the condition of our legal system. By taking away the crime related to illegal drug distribution and use, we would free up substantial space in our prisons. More space would become available for other dangerous criminals that are still roaming freely on the streets, such as child predators. Furthermore, billions of dollars would be saved by not having to house the would-be criminals in prisons if drug-related crime were wiped out. The legalization of drugs has the potential to bring about a much needed decrease in criminal activity. A further cause of drug legalization is the ability to make drug use safer. Since drugs are illegal, it is difficult for drug consumers to obtain the supplies they need to engage in drug use, such as needles. Many drug users have to resort to sharing needles with one another, which increases the chances of transmittable diseases being spread (Marshall et al 4). The most common causes of death are the diseases that are spread among drug users from such unsafe practice. If illicit drugs were legalized, there would be no need for consumers to share materials because they would be able to legally purchase what they would need. An effect of legalizing drugs would be a decrease in the major drug-related illnesses and diseases, such as HIV ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Globalization has boosted the production, trading and consumption of these drugs and the consumption of which are associated with negative social, economic, political and health consequences (UNRISD, 1994). Hence many experts have called for a ban on the production and sale of these drugs by implementing effective strategies (UNRISD, 1994; Chakwe, 2013). However, the already existing drug bans in several countries has done little to reduce the production and consumption of drugs as a result of which many experts have suggested legalization of drug production and trade which offers more options for regulation (The Economist, 2013; Wendel, 2013).
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The Unintended Consequences of Drug Legalization
For years there has been continuous debate regarding the legalization of several of these illicit drugs, especially marijuana (cannabis). Over the years the negative attitude towards these drugs have changed and people have started accepting these drugs in their society and are raising their voice in the favor of legalization of these drugs.
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Legalization of Drugs
This paper will evaluate the positions of the proponents of legalization of these drugs as well as positions of those against the topic. Legalization of Drugs Introduction The issue of legalization of illegal drugs has been a heated debate for the past decades. It is apparent that this topic has contentious issues attached to it, since; it affects both the users of these drugs and society as a whole both negatively and positively.
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Drug abuse among teenagers: causes and effects
Nearly 8% of teens who drink say they drink at least five or more alcoholic drinks in a row” (Dryden-Edwards and Stoppler 1). Results of another research done in 2007 indicate showed that 45 per cent of the students of high school confessed that they had consumed alcohol and another 26 per cent admitted having experienced binge drinking (Marable).
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Legalization of Drugs
Student name Instructor name Course name Date Legalization of Drugs Legalizing marijuana is a concept that is growing in popularity. Proponents claim that it does society more harm than good to incarcerate people for a fairly harmless substance and is hypocritical for alcohol and tobacco to be legal because these substances are, too, physically addictive and deadly.
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Legalization of marijuana
The paper throws light on marijuana as one of the illegal drugs abused in the United States and the world. Human beings have used marijuana for thousands of years. There are negative effects of using marijuana, including problems related to the health and social well-being of an individual. In spite of negative effects, marijuana has medicinal values and properties.
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Dont Legalize Drugs
As the paper stresses in the majority of European countries, politicians, economists and public figures start to rethink the traditional policy regarding narcotics putting doubt on the widely accepted and entrenched fact that any non-medical use of drugs should be prohibited. There is no victory in the war on narcotics.
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Legalization of drugs
While a few years ago there would be very few who would support the legalization of drugs in any form, in today's time, there is a strong wave of public opinion supporting the legalisation of drugs in some form or the other. Recent polls show this trend. A poll in Rhode Island which showed that 71% of respondents supported legalization of all drugs and 26% supported legalization of drugs except for hard drugs. Only 1% favoured the current scenario to continue with only alcohol and tobacco being legal.
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Legalization of marijuana
e that through legalization of marijuana government can earn revenue through taxing its sales, it has medicinal value, it has not been proven harmful to the human body and it can lower crime rate. On the other hand, there are those who lay claims that marijuana has some
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The legalization of marijuana in united states
However, marijuana should not be legalized considering the scientific revelation that it is harmful, endangers an individual’s health and public safety, increases social costs,
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