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America the Addicted Nation - Research Paper Example

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(your first and last name) (your (your America: The Addicted Introduction Whenever people talk about addiction in the United States, three things usually come up: drugs, alcohol and social networking. For the longest time, Americans have been waging a losing battle, it seems, against addiction to drugs and alcohol…
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America the Addicted Nation
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the government’s continued struggle to encourage the American people to change their bad habits, deaths and accidents because of these addictions still make the news almost every day. As if drugs and alcohol do not do enough damage to the individuals in America, the people have discovered a new craze thanks to the progress of technology and never-ending competition of electronic giants like Samsung and Apple to come up with the most convenient or the smallest electronic gadgets. Americans seem to have made social networking sites a part of their daily routine. Despite all the complaints about violation of privacy and negative effects on behavior, Americans still find themselves susceptible to the appeal of Facebook, Twitter and the like. Marijuana & Prescription Drugs America’s dependence on drugs does not have a definite start. Drugs are part of the field of medicine, the aspect of society which is responsible for promoting the well-being of its members. As such, drugs have always been available to the American society. Dependence on these, as with any addiction, began when Americans started taking prescription drugs more often than they were supposed to or for reasons the drugs were not prescribed for. Almost one out of ten Americans above twelve years old is categorized with substance abuse or dependence. (National) This is alarming because the age reference shows that drug addiction already starts when an individual becomes an adolescent. This means that when teenagers are supposed to be enjoying their life by engaging in after-school activities like playing sports and spending time with their families, they are actually getting high on illegal and prescription drugs. The most commonly abused drugs are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, inhalants and psychotherapeutic drugs for non-medical purposes. (Cooper) This was based on 2010 survey conducted by the government regarding drug, alcohol and tobacco use. Marijuana, specifically, has had a longer relationship with Americans, making center stage during the 60’s and the 70’s “when getting high was the norm” (Krueger) in America. However, it soon became listed under narcotic drugs and was considered habit-forming and as such harmful for society. Penalties exist for those cultivating, distributing and using marijuana. In Florida, possessing one ounce of marijuana is equivalent to five years and a $6,000 fine while selling close to 25 pounds is a felony which comes with a-five year jail time and a $5,000 fine. (Rao) Recent times, however, has seen a twist to the tale of marijuana and Americans. Medical benefits derived from use of marijuana have pushed medical experts, legislators and patients to clamor for the legalization of marijuana. In 1976, Robert Randall became the first patient to be legally allowed to use marijuana for the treatment of his glaucoma. (Recipients) Subsequently, the government formed a study in 1992 and starting giving free marijuana to nearly 20 patients every month (Stolberg). The program has long been shut down but the comfort marijuana has provided to people with cancer, rare bone disorder and the like are too obvious. Unafraid of the legalities involved, some retirees use marijuana for Crohn’s disease and arthritis because traditional medicines leave them feel sicker. (Krueger) Although the federal government still rules against the use of marijuana, Washington and Colorado have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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