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Culture report - Essay Example

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DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER SCIENCES AND RETAILING PURDUE UNIVERSITY A viewing of CHIEFS Source: Photo,, April 15, 2013 Add Your Name CSR 332 (00) - Cross Cultural Marketing Dr. Thelma Snuggs and International Retailing Add submission date A Viewing of the movie CHIEFS A Viewing of the movie CHIEFS is a program sponsored by the NAECC…
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Culture report
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"Culture report"

Download file to see previous pages The students that attend this high school have many obstacles to overcome in their lives. The reservation is a place of high poverty, high unemployment and high rates of substance abuse. It is the type of environment that keeps people from succeeding in life. Yet, this remarkable high school basketball team seems to find a way to win every year. They have won five state championships against much larger, well-funded schools. One of the secrets to the success of the team is their dedicated coach Al Redman. The movie focuses on Beaver C’Bearing and the work he and his coach put into winning. It shows that the boys on the team succeed by working hard to hone their skills and by working together. The movie shows that unfortunately, the lessons learned on the basketball court often do not translate to life on the reservation. Much of the conversation in the movie centers on players that were once great but have failed to have successful lives. II. Relevance of the movie CHIEFS to Marketing There is a lot of relevance in the movie CHIEFS to cross cultural marketing. One of the aspects of culture that was displayed in this movie of Native American culture seems to be the aspect of a focus on shared ownership of public goods. The Chiefs basketball team belongs to the reservation. It occurs to me that this is truer for this community of Native Americans than it is for the typical American community with a more Euro-centric culture. The Chiefs literally belong to the community, no one person or group has more of an interest in them than anyone else does. That is why everyone leaves the reservation to go see the Chiefs play their games in the playoffs. What this means for marketing is that any attempt to market the mystique, culture or logo of the Chiefs would have to be done in a way that benefits the entire community. If any one single individual or group were to try to monopolize access or attempt to brand the Chiefs in a way that excluded the community at large, I believe that this person would have a difficult time succeeding. This team is truly the heart and the soul of the Wind River Reservation in some ways. It is more than a source of pride, it is a public good, and therefore the public will have to be supportive of any marketing efforts involving the team. III. Personal Reaction to the viewing of the movie CHIEFS. I really enjoyed the movie and the crowd that had gathered to watch the movie. I really got caught-up in the stories of these basketball players and how difficult their lives were. I never felt sorry for them, because they seemed so determined to succeed at basketball. I felt that the writer and director of the film did a great job depicting the challenges Beaver C’Bearing and his teammates faced, without sensationalizing the challenges they face off the court. At times, the movie was sad, but always made me feel as though in the end the people on the team would somehow, against all the odd succeed in life and in the game of basketball. I could not help pull for the team in each one of their games, even though the players were flawed and imperfect people. Right to the end of the movie, I believed that these people were going to win. I wanted them to win because it appears as though they were dealt such an unfair hand by fate and by their circumstances. However, I liked the fact that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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