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Global warming - Essay Example

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Full name Professor Subject Date Saving the Earth from Global warming According to Al Gore, global warming is not just a political issue but also a moral issue so that every individual around the world must become aware and well-informed about it in order to react accordingly…
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Global warming
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"Global warming"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere increases and thickens the ozone layer which in turn prevents the infrared radiation from escaping the earth’s atmosphere. This in turn results to warmer temperatures around the world. To make his presentation believable, Al Gore used statistical data. For instance, he mentioned about the top ten hottest years ever measured which occurred in the last fourteen years as of 2005 with the hottest of all in the said year. This shows the relentless increase in atmospheric temperature which is affecting the world. Moreover, Gore also compares photographs of glaciers in the past and in more recent times to impress in the minds of the listeners what he is trying to point out. He notes that the glaciers in Kilimanjaro, Glacier National Park, Columbia Glacier in Alaska, the Italian Alps and the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland are evidences of the results of global warming. The once majestic glaciers that attracted many scientists and tourists alike have all been decreased to nothing and more glaciers on the North Pole are at the brink of extinction as well. The effects of the aforementioned consequences of global warming are floods and droughts. This is due to increased precipitation and relocation of precipitation. For instance, in Africa alone, more droughts have worsened because of lack of rain while other places would have strong rains that are actually unusual. Moreover, it is not only sea water that evaporates and cause increased precipitation that in turn cause floods but the heat of the sun also sucks moisture from the soil which leads to droughts. In addition, the melting of the glaciers and Arctic ice caps are predicted to someday cause major floods in low areas and this should cause alarm today. This is explained by the result of studies that show that when the rays of the sun hit the ice caps, they are reflected back to the atmosphere just like in a mirror. On the other hand, when the rays of the sun hit the sea water; they are absorbed and therefore make the water warmer. As a result, the ice near the water melts and increases the volume of sea water. With the data presented by Gore which have obviously been carefully studied and are scientifically based, I strongly agree with all his arguments. The presentation does not just appeal to common sense but it also demands responsibility and accountability from listeners appealing to their moral senses. Indeed, global warming is not just a political issue but it also is an ethical issue which presents itself as the responsibility of every individual regardless of age, gender, political affiliations or beliefs. On another angle, on a more personal perspective, environmentalist Bill McKibben suggests that global warming is caused by people’s desires to have more. Economically, it is a good thing for individuals to want to succeed because it affects the nation’s economic stability. However, the want to have more things actually is increasing the carbon dioxide that is polluting the atmosphere. For instance, as more people are able to afford to buy more cars and appliances, more carbon dioxide is emitted from these machines. Moreover, with the fast-paced lifestyles of people wanting to earn more money, they are forced to eat processed foods which encourage more manufacturing processes that contribute to air pollution. Therefore, McKibben suggests people to live simpler ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global warming
A warmer Earth enabled man to live in and create an environment suitable for his needs. However, as man became more industrialized, the Earth became warmer and warmer. One news report says that global warming has stopped since there has been a period where there was no recorded change in the Earth’s temperature.
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Global Warming
The author claims that the fact that global warming is a threat to human life is evidenced in the impact it has had, and is likely to continue to have, on human health. Increasing numbers of people are dying as a result of heat waves, they are suffering the consequence of diseases which are spreading because of increased temperatures.
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Global Warming
The media has got a definite role within the propagation of the global warming debates which has made the entire task difficult to understand and get insight from. Since global warming is one topic that is being discussed more and more, the media is also trying its best to propagate every form of link that is attached with this phenomenon.
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Global Warming
The author of the essay comments on the cause of global warming. Namely, it is stated that it is caused by the release of industrial gases through the burning of coal, wood, and oil. As a result, when the atmospheric and sea temperatures rise, this, consequently, leads to the rise of sea levels resulting into irregular rainfall patterns.
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Global Warming
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Global warming
This increased temperature happens when greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and water vapor retains the heat coming from the sun into the earth’s atmosphere2. This increased temperature in our environment melts the permafrost,
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