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Argumentation based on Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto - Essay Example

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Name Tutor Subject Date Argumentation essay based on Karl Marx "The Communist Manifesto" The communist manifesto was structured to explain the goals of communism and various theories underlying this movement. It argues the struggle between different classes, or exploitation of one class by the other…
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Argumentation essay based on Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto
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"Argumentation based on Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto"

Download file to see previous pages Modern industrial society is typified by class struggle between those who owns the factors of production and proletariat. However, the influence of capitalism has been on the decline and is ceasing to be compatible with this exploitive relationship. Therefore, those who provide labor will lead a revolution. This revolution will be different from the previous one. This is because in this revolution the proletariat will have to destroy all ownership of private property. In turn, this will lead to a complete overhaul of the classes eventually disappearing. The manifesto argument is that this development is unstoppable, and capitalism will inherently collapse. As a result, the communist engage in promoting revolution, and this will ensure that those involved are able to move history towards its natural conclusion. They concur that elimination of social classes cannot take through reforms or changes in government. They know that such fundamental changes can only take place through a revolution. The Communist Manifesto was a plan by Marx and Friedrich Engels. They argue that for changes to take place in both society and political institutions it must be driven by a process of universal struggle on parts of groups of people with similar economic fate in order to realize their material or economic interests (Marx-Engels Archive 1). These struggles as shown in the history have been struggles of economically inferior classes against economically dominant classes who are against their economic interests (Marx-Engels Archive 1). This process has shaped the current industrialized world: the bourgeoisie in its struggle against the aristocratic class of feudal society (Marx-Engels Archive 1). This has been heightened through travel to different parts of the world, and the discovery of new products and goods that created rooms for commercial activities. This is because the bourgeoisie whose purpose is to accumulate managed to grow wealthier and became politically emboldened against the feudal order. In fact, the bourgeoisie have uplifted their authority to a stable entity in the society and drives various sector of the economy in pursuit of their interests. The interest of accumulation by the merchants has assured them to overcome the globe. They have forced almost all to adopt the capitalist mode of production. On the other hand, the bourgeois have fundamentally altered all aspects of the society, even the families and hence substituted rural civilization with enormous cities. Through industrialization, the means of production and exchange that drives this process of expansion and change have resulted to subordinate class whose fate is determined by the bourgeoisie (Marx-Engels Archive 1). This class is the proletariat, and they have been uprooted by capitalism and hence are forced to sell labor to the bourgeoisie. This offends them as they remember how before they possessed and sold what they produced (Marx-Engels Archive 1). They face exploitation and are forced to compete with one another for forever-shrinking wages as means of production becomes more complicated. However, the workers will become enlightened and unite to fight their common enemy: the bourgeoisie. Furthermore, they will cooperate with an increasing number of middle class whose source of livelihoods keep on dwindling due to large factories owned by a shrinking number of superrich industries (Marx-Engels Archive 1). The bourgeoisie will eventually be the author of their own downfall. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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