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Thematic 1 - Essay Example

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The Most Wicked and Heroic Characters In my view, the protagonist Connie created by Joyce Carol Orates in his work ‘where are you going and where have you been’ is the most wicked character among the collection I have read…
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Thematic essay 1
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"Thematic 1"

Download file to see previous pages Even though she makes frequent outings with boys, she never makes any deep romantic relations with any of those boys or she never made any regular meetings with anyone. Sometimes the author is sympathetic towards Connie by referring to the rude behaviour of her family and her social and psychological factors and her helplessness. But her fear of intimacy set aside no room for sympathy towards her. She would have been like the fairy tale Cinderella if she had at least one positive impressive trait. Connie seems to be unintelligent too in all her attempts or she is unconscious of whatever she does; that she not at all hesitates to run off her house with a stranger called Arnold friend without any sufficient reason and aim. It’s so evident at the climax of the story, from the dramatic events that happens with the arrival of Arnold friend to Connie’s house demanding her. She is threatened and shocked and she also rejects him first by warning him. Eventually Connie goes with Arnold friend not because she likes him but she obeys him or surrenders before him. She has nothing to cling to in her life. The character Connie in the story ‘where are you going and where have you been ‘became monstrous due to her psychological problem, fear of intimacy and low self esteem. The character lacks any traits to be attracted by the readers. The story goes incomplete and I assume that she goes to her fantasy world that she dreamt of. A hero is indeed a person who daringly overcomes difficulties for the benefit of others. He seldom considers personal consequences, and easily beats problems. Super man is the most heroic character that the Americans have ever seen and he remains as part of their life. He is praised, told, seen and illustrated as a protector against evils. There are a few basic facts that remain constant throughout the ways in which superman is told. Even though America holds a number of legendary figures, super man became the great. As Engle, in his article ‘What Makes Superman So Darned American?’ states, immigrant origin is the heart of superman; he is an alien, not just like an alien, he is uncompromised and consummate. Americans are immigrants, not of course Native Americans. The fascinating origin of superman itself is the best background for his heroism. He was adopted by middle class American family. So it indicates the value of immigration in America. Flying to the air at will is interesting for American dreams. Conquering the human limitation and flying in the air is more to keep the first position for the superman among the heroes. One of the attracting features in the concept of superman is his dual identity. He is simply Clark Kent. It is Jonathan Kent who instructs him that his powers must be used for good. Here the native is using the alien to do best for the American culture and customs. The alien is exposed as a character that is in favor of the people of America. The hero is capable of saving the humanity. American culture and literature dealt with dislocation and it is said that when their descendants arrived they did activities like that; super man is of great power that he can do anything he likes, super natural and unbelievable. Like the American dreams of the immigrant experiences, the frontier could give the illusionary of such experiences. The other frontiers of the past did not understand the America well enough; so their presence was comic in their look and deeds. So the super man was an exception to this; he was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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