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Analyzing the Social Implications of the Internet: Examining the Positive and Negative Effects on People and Culture Name and Section Date Submitted Introduction The Internet continues to be an important facet of modern-day living…
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Exploratory Paper
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"Exploratory Paper"

Download file to see previous pages For one, various enhancements in the Internet such as flash playing and audio embedding has provided new and effective ways for people to communicate. In addition to this, the wideness of its reach has convinced companies to use the Internet as a major communication medium in tapping their primary target markets. Also, the immensity of information that could be accessed in the Internet has influenced the creation of passion groups or digital tribes. These are primarily comprised of people who interact with those who share the same interests with them. Lastly, the Internet has also been used by non-profit organizations in advocating their programs that aim at furthering social causes. For example, anti-human trafficking initiatives are commonly broadcasted in the groups’ Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Through these examples, it can be claimed that the role of the Internet in connecting people has helped it foster the so-called ‘global digital community’. For one, micro-blogging sites like Twitter keeps people updated with the current societal events—whether local or international. Youtube encourages people to be more ‘content creators’ rather than mere ‘passive users’ by allowing them to upload original videos. ...
As such, miscommunications and disputes may transpire in the Internet, especially when taken into consideration the capacity of the Internet in disseminating information in a highly fast manner. It is through these aforementioned reasons that an in-depth analysis of the social implications of the Internet is vital. In this light, this paper shall expose the positive and negative effects of the Internet in peoples and cultures, and why key institutions of human society must work hand-in-hand in optimizing the benefits obtained from the Internet. Positive Implications of the Internet At this point, a critical examination of the social benefits of the Internet must be done in relation to technology and culture. Firstly, the Internet allows for an easier and more dynamic access and transfer to information (Brey 3). With the increase in the Internet’s storage capacity, massive information could now be stored and accessed in almost all websites, as supported by search engine giants like Yahoo! and Google. Interestingly, hard copies of numerous pieces of literature are now present in the Internet, too. In addition to this, the convergence of various media in the Internet paves the way for an easier exchange of information (Brey 3). For example, Tweeting is now linked to the user’s Facebook account, while websites now have share buttons that aid in the faster distribution of information. Traditional television, furthermore, has incorporated QR codes in its programs to lead its audiences to specific websites. Apart from these examples that reinforce how the Internet allows for an easier and more dynamic access and transfer of data, it can be claimed that the Internet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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