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Claims - Essay Example

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Name Module Tutor Date Skill discovery In management, there are extremely many management skills and competences that have been pinpointed by different scholar. Different managers have strengths and weaknesses in various skills and competences. The most common competences and skills required of managers include the following: motivating people so that they can produce maximum by compensating their efforts; delegating authority effectively in all levels of management to ensure communication and commands follow scalar chain unless where the chain is creating delay; decisions making to enable the organization achieve set goals and objectives; understanding team dynamics, to ensure cooperation of…
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Extract of sample "Claims"

Download file to see previous pages In the company, there were different groups doing specific tasks and with different leaders and communication system. The groups are motivated in different ways in respect to their output. In my self assessment test, I was exceedingly interested in working in groups. I like being the group leader since I can manage the group dynamics. In my future career plans, I would like to own a company and manage it myself. The competences are incredibly essential in the entire running of the company. They are inter related in that they all aim at achieve organizational goals and objectives. The effectiveness of a manager is determined by the outcome of the organization in regard to the set objectives and goals. If the skills and competences are effective, the organization will manage to achieve their goals and objectives. In most organization, the managers lack some skills and competences leading to poor management. ...
In the organization, different personnel did more work than others. The organization had a policy of rewarding people and groups based on the output they delivered. This was extraordinarily critical, and it encouraged people to work extremely hard to get more rewards (Scott, Spriegel and Clothier 22) Nominate one management skill to investigate in the next semester Decision making The main reason why I nominated decision making is due to its daily application in all level of management. When I was working, decision making was my chief problem. This is the process through which managers use to solve existing problems in an organization. It is the key aspects that single out the performance of a manager. In most organization, the success of any organization depends on the decision made by the management. When I was working as a scripter, my key weakness was making the right decisions on time. The manager of the company was always complaining about it, and this triggered me to find means to hasten my decision making skills. The main reason why I did not make decisions on time was due to the uncertainty of the outcome (Drucker and Maciariello 56) Guidelines that influence decision making 1. Define the problem. This involves identifying the decision that will help in the attainment of the organizational objectives. The problem may be short-term or long-term. 2. Identification of limiting factors. The decision maker should analyze the ideal resources that are required to implement the decision that is to be made. The manager must have adequate information, personnel, time, supplies and equipment. The manager should also take into account the internal and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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