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The Socio-Economic and Cultural Aspects of Japan - Assignment Example

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In this paper, a personal reflection on the group work exercise is given. The group work was a research about the socio-economic and cultural aspects of the country Japan. This topic was selected by the group through the guidance of our teacher and the desire to discuss a developing nation in eastern Asia…
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The Socio-Economic and Cultural Aspects of Japan
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Extract of sample "The Socio-Economic and Cultural Aspects of Japan"

Download file to see previous pages Each member presented their findings to the group and in the end, we were able to integrate the entire information into a single presentation for the group project. The development of this presentation and the overall group project did not come easily without the challenges. Our main finding of the culture of the Japanese people was their evolution from a mix of cultures across the Asian continent. This evolution was evident from the different aspects of their rich culture which included literature, arts as well as the lifestyle of the population that is about 126 million.
The task given was about working in groups to come up with a presentation on the cultural aspects of a developing nation. The key concept we were able to learn is related to the working in groups to deliver a project and the ability to conduct research on a specific topic area. Since the topic area was about the culture of Japan, the rich culture of the people of the East Asian country was also acquired in the learning process. All the group members undertook a presentation of the different areas that they worked on and apart from being an enjoyable process; we were able to develop research and presentation skills.
Group work is supposed to generate a sense of togetherness even if opinions differed (Anning 2010). The capability of the members of the team is varied and diverse. The level of diversity creates an instance where the members have a varying position on the issues that are raised within a group (Bell, 2012) but still find common ground. This was evident even while we were choosing the topic to take the research on. The main learning objective here is the level of teamwork which is the cohesiveness of the team in their work. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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