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Global Warming is real - Essay Example

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Global warming is the condition in which the temperature of the Earth rises due to the trapping of sun’s light and heat by greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and water vapors. …
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Global Warming is real
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Global Warming is real

Download file to see previous pages... The earth’s atmosphere contains these trace gases, whose purpose is to prevent some of the heat of the sun to escape into the atmosphere when it is reflected by the Earth. This helps maintaining a certain degree of acceptable temperature on the Earth. When these gases rise in concentration, they start absorbing sun’s heat which results in rise in temperature to an unacceptable degree. Due to the rise in temperature, much of the living organisms are affected, most of which die. The rise in the concentration of these greenhouse gases results in the Earth getting warmer gradually. The debate whether global warming is real or not is going on, and it is being researched whether increase in the level of greenhouse gases like CO2 will eventually lead to man’s death by warming up the Earth to an unacceptable level. It is argued that: global warming is as important an environment issue as air pollution or ozone depletion is, and needs serious consideration so as to save the Earth and the life. Global warming is real because there are many stakeholders. Humans are being affected by this problem, and will continue to get affected if it is not solved. Human beings are the most important stakeholders of global warming, and are also the cause of it. They will have to understand that their communities are at stake due to abrupt rise in sea level, massive storms and hurricanes, and heat and cold waves. To state some facts, the year 2007 brought worst floods in the history of many countries like Malaysia, UK, North Korea, and other African countries. Pakistan saw the worst flood in 2010, which took millions of lives and took the shelter of thousands of people. After human beings, the next important stakeholders are the animals and plants. Some animals are able to move to places of acceptable temperature, but some are not able to cross the mountain barriers and waters. Plants cannot move, so they die. Another stakeholder is the global governments whose vision toward solving the issue of global warming depends upon the views of their citizens. Many of these governments have not taken satisfactory moves toward the solution of global warming, but there are other examples like Kyoto Protocol of 1997 which planned to counter the climate change issue (Cooper, para.3). The Southern Baptist Convention of June 2007, which was considered as the country’s largest Protestant denomination, raised concerns about the fact that global warming will continue to affect the poor of the country, because even if steps are taken to counter global warming by reducing the number of factories that emit CO2, this will result in an increase in the cost of energy that will ultimately affect the poor. Global warming is real also because it is resulting in many climate changes. Earth, today, is much warmer than it was 100 years ago. The Earth's average temperature has risen above 1 degree Fahrenheit during the last century, and nearly twice in many parts of the Arctic. One way the increasing warmth of the Earth can be observed is by observing the trees. In warmer conditions, the trees get thicker and form thick rings. Comparing new trees with older ones can help us understand the difference. Other ways include experimentation with the sediment that rests in the bottom of the oceans and seas. Scientists observe these sediments which contain particles and fossils that tell a lot of information about the climate the time when they settle down at the bottom. Global warming also increases the sea level. High sea level is dangerous for communities living at coastal line because there would be constant fear of flooding. Rise in temperature will result in the melting of ice on the ice pole. These climate changes are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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