Virginity Auctioning in the Light of Ethics, Morality and Consequence - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that selling virginity has swamped the media and the internet, and garnered mixed opinions from different populations the world over. In 2008, a woman who goes by an alias Natalie Dylan auctioned her virginity by means of bids through the Moonlite Bunny Ranch website…
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Virginity Auctioning in the Light of Ethics, Morality and Consequence
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"Virginity Auctioning in the Light of Ethics, Morality and Consequence"

From this study it is clear that despite the fact that the means appears to be justifiable in that it carries rather strong and convincing reasons, which is based heavily on either an urgent or a critical need, it is particularly crucial to deliberate on the probable consequences that selling virginity may result into. Is selling virginity harmful or beneficial? Does technology have a significant role in this? How much influence do ethics have on virginity auctioning if people are truly the owner of their own selves? How do we stop it? The advancement of technology and the advent of the internet turned capitalization upside down, especially in the context of making virginity available for auction. But it can be conceded that the current auctioning of human valuables such as “virginity” has so long existed, and served as a precursor to its online trade. At some point during the pinnacle of reality TV plastic surgery fad, which gave birth to television programs like Extreme Makeover, it has inspired a widespread awareness on plastic surgery by receiving a lot of media attention. Seen this way, technology has tremendously aided the proliferation and the growing number of auctioned virginity. Media and technology has made it easier for virginity sellers to trade their bodies.  Various forms of social media offer virginity auctioneers a rather laid-back task in promoting their deals in public. They [virginity auctioneers] can upload videos on YouTube, create a post on Facebook or Twitter, and Instagram, or they can simply write a blog on a highly-trafficked website. With the increasing number of social media users, it makes virginity selling a lot uncomplicated and trouble-free; also, it attracts more bidders as social networking and blog sites represent a large number of people.This study highlights that virginity auctioning, regardless of the goodness of the end, is wrong. It is not only mistaken and immoral, but it also brings about negative consequences on the part of the seller. First, while it is fair to admit that “virginity” is still in existence today despite the liberality of our times, just like gender and race, acts that jeopardizes it has become more serious and rampant in the last decades. Virginity is such a sacred woman possession; and that losing it brings about an immense change to woman’s life. Oftentimes, it is difficult to discount the relationship between virginity and religion in that predating Christian precepts provide a dominant notion over the concept of virginity.  Read More
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