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The Taliban-Historical focus:when and how did the Taliban rule Afghanistan how does the present of the Taliban influence the ev - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Taliban-Historical Focus Khaled Hosseini’s novel, “The Kite Runner”, spans around lives lived across two continents amidst political uprisings, where an individual’s dreams were shuttered before they even began pursuing them…
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The Taliban-Historical focus:when and how did the Taliban rule Afghanistan how does the present of the Taliban influence the ev
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"The Taliban-Historical focus:when and how did the Taliban rule Afghanistan how does the present of the Taliban influence the ev"

Download file to see previous pages Amir later moved to Afghanistan to save the life of his half-brother’s child, Sohrab, from Taliban. This was a sign of apologies to Sohrab’s father Hassan. This paper strives to explore the Taliban’s regime in Afghanistan and describe how the novel would have been different without the influence of the Taliban regime. The key events of the novel, which revolves around Amir’s life, also follow Afghanistan’s political transition. During Amir’s childhood stages, there was calm in the state of Kabul during the monarchy and founding of the republic. This was later followed by the Soviet invasion, which led to the rise of Islamic extremist groups such as the Taliban. These Islamic extremist groups opposed Soviet Union’s rule and governance which led to a long time war that ruined the nation (Edwards 11). These events significantly contribute to the novel’s plot and directly influence the lives of the novel’s characters. For instance, the founding of the republic gives Assef an opportunity to intimidate Amir, because his father has a tight connection with the president. Additionally, the Soviet invasion forces baba and Amir to flee to California. Moreover, when the Taliban assume the control of the country, they kill Hassan and give Assef the power to indulge in rape and sadism without repercussions (Hosseini 34). These are the events that turn Amir into a brave man. He is determined to turn to his home country to pursue and rescue Sohrab from the hand of Taliban. This, therefore, implies that without Taliban’s influence and regime the novel could have lost some of its plot and themes such as their bad regime that sent Amir and baba to the U.S. The Taliban emerged as an Islamic extremist group that came following Soviet invasion in 1979 (Edwards 11). This group was formed with an aim of ejecting Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Mujahedeen received considerable military and financial support from the United States and Pakistan. Statistics have shown that the Soviet Union lost over 15,000 soldiers in Afghanistan during this war period. The Soviet Union was defeated in 1989 after which the Afghan Mujahedeen surrounded Afghan capital, Kabul, under the leadership of Ahmed Shah Massoud. Three years later, they took over the rule after the departure of the Soviet Union. The Afghan Mujahedeen overthrew the official Afghanistan government that was formed and supported by the Soviet Union. The alliance between the Afghan Mujahedeen and the new afghan government led by interim president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, failed to reach a political consensus and led to a long-time war (Edwards 12). The Taliban ruled Afghanistan government from 1996 to 2001. The Taliban took control of Kabul and imposed tough Islamic system of law on Afghans. They named their leader, Mulla Mohammed Omar, as a supreme leader (Edwards 12). Their regime was characterized by harsh form of Islamic law which banned television broadcasting, jailed men who wore short beards, and forced women to wear head-to-toes veils (Edwards 12). The negative side of this regime was proved when some of the group members, under the authority from above, decided to destroy the giant statue of Buddha in Bamiyan. The Taliban government applied force to implement some laws and policies and even upload bans on un-Islamic activities (Edwards 12). This government had a powerful military that saw it capture and control about 90 percent of the Afghanistan’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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