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On DVD1 clip 7.5 you hear Devyani Sharma talking about her study of variation and change in London Punjabi English, and in clip - Essay Example

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Devyani Sharma: DVD1 Clip 7.5 and Podesva Podesva: Clip 7.6 Instructor Date Due Introduction According to Gu (2009, p. 454), in DVD 1, Clip 7.5 Devyani exemplify various themes thus talks about how English language changes within the Punjabi society…
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On DVD1 clip 7.5 you hear Devyani Sharma talking about her study of variation and change in London Punjabi English, and in clip
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"On DVD1 clip 7.5 you hear Devyani Sharma talking about her study of variation and change in London Punjabi English, and in clip"

Download file to see previous pages Podesva on the other hand studies a gay medical student in clip 7.6 with contained extracts from the interview. Podesva discussed how to pronounce different consonant sounds. He focused on falsetto speech in his research project through the telephone that produced a low quality of sound as compared to Devyani’s clip. Devyani Sharma: DVD 1 Clip 7.5 Focusing on certain linguistic aspect such as retroflex /t/ as meters of social changes, Devyani expect individuals born in Britain would not use the pronunciation as Indian speakers in the second generation. The slight difference is noticed among the old and the younger generation in addition to male and female speakers. She urges that, individuals lifestyle should be included in the information even if they are narrow-minded or do more of their interactions out of the community. This will enable them understand the relative complex patterning of their language. This is because the linguistic variables are important in the use of the language to the culture of the Punjabi in association with the retroflex /t/ (Horacek 2010, p. 91). The pronunciation of retroflex /t/ in the South Asian was as a consonant just as in the Punjabi language spoken in Asia. The tip of the tongue curls back and touches the ridges of the tooth behind the teeth. 35percent of the speakers of the first generation according to Devyani used a stereotyped English of Apu who were the Indian immigrants in the Simpsons. 16percent of the second generation used less of this retroflex in their speech. Since language is believed to be changing with time, the gradual process took place due to the families immigration hence children acquire it through the lineage (Lieberson and Kloss 1966a, p. 66; 1967, p.79). This second generation tends to use the retroflex more often as compared to their parents in the recent research for example in beginning of a word as seen in tea and toffee. This is because of phonetic quality that requires the word to be pronounced with energy to give its real pronunciation. Podesva Podesva: Clip 7.6 He focused on individual speaker style of speaking. He had much interest on falsetto as an aspect of differentiating gay’s speech sounds. He later extended the research to the social group hence associating it with the way they speak. His particular attention is tense on how falsetto varies and contrast across; social meanings of falsetto and how these specific features of the speaker’s conversation in communication may be pinched from the identity. In the clip 7.6, he closes the interview with example that illustrates Heath use of falsetto. Eliza whom he talks to is not clear since background voices interferes with the conversation (Journal of sociolinguistics. 2008, p. 13). The conversation according to Podesva’s interview runs offset to audience expectations of what would be speech of heterosexual man since the speech creates Heath’s personality where Podesva has employed the use of the word dear as expression. Heath: No you want me to do anything, dear? Eliza: No just to stay and be pretty. Heath: (Laughter) you know that’s my job. Eliza: Yeah Heath: Oh, cool. I like it! I am so excited about your little vent thing. Eliza: I know. Isn’t it awesome? It’s such a cute little outfit Heath: it is. I really like it. (Podesva 2007. vol. 11, no.4, p.504.) The phonetic height created from Podesva’s analysis expresses the resource harness served by falsetto in the persona identity. From the conversation citation, the persona ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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