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Argumentative How the Peasant Revolt lead to the Fall of the Mayan Civilzation - Essay Example

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Instructor Date How the peasant revolt led to the fall of the Mayan civilization The Mayan civilization is a Mesoamerican civilization that was of its own kind. It was established in the pre-classic periods between 2000 BC and AD 250. It was known for the developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas…
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Argumentative Essay How the Peasant Revolt lead to the Fall of the Mayan Civilzation
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"Argumentative How the Peasant Revolt lead to the Fall of the Mayan Civilzation"

Download file to see previous pages The high level of interaction and the diffusion of culture were in the region and this explains why Maya civilization had many features in common with the other Mesoamerican civilization. Epigraphy, writing, and calendar did not originate in Maya; however, these advances were highly developed by them. There is evidence of Maya influence from Belize, El Salvador, central Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. The many of outside influences are evident in the Maya art and architecture that are believed to be because of the trade with other people and cultural exchange. The people of Maya never vanished with the decline during the classical period or Spanish colonization (Maloy 39). Today, the Maya people are still existing maintaining set of traditions and beliefs. The Maya civilization geographically extended to the present day southern Mexico States of Tabasco, Chiapas, the Yucatan states of Quintana Roo, northern Central America, Campeche present day Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. There are still arguments on when the Maya civilization began the archeological discoveries of the occupation of Maya at Belize and Cuello. Sedentary communities characterized the early Maya community in that the Mayan people had skills in pottery and fired clay figurines. The early sites in Maya include Chocola, and Izapa whom produced cocoa at around 600 BC. The Maya first written hieroglyphics inscriptions were dated 250 BC. Unfortunately around the 100AD, there was abandonment of Maya sites due to the wide spread decline which was known as the pre-classic collapse and it marked the end of the Mayan civilization (Perl 110-112). Between 250 AD and 900AD, these classic periods were characterized by the large-scale construction, record of monumental inscription, urbanism, intellectual artistic development, particularly in the southern region. During this period, city-states such as Caracol, Palenque, Calakmul, Copan, Lamanai, Bonampak, and Dos Pilas developed rapidly because of intellectual artistic development in the Mayan society. In addition, the Maya people numbered in millions, a factor that made them create a multitude of kingdoms, built palaces, temples, and small empires. The Mayan people also developed a hieroglyphic writing system and engaged in ceremonies in the central lowlands of the Maya territory. The mediation units during this time generally took the form of trade and commercial centers. Stepped pyramids that were built in the palaces of their rulers and religious centers were the most notable monuments. The Maya people participated in long distance trade with the Zapotec and Mesoamerican cultures. The archeologist discovered gold from Panama, seashells, and obsidian, which proves that there was exchange of goods between different cultures. The classic era was characterized by sophisticated art. There were carvings and reliefs at the Palenque that reminded the scholars of classical civilization of the world. There are ceramics that reveals some clues of paintings that were produced during this era. Maya architecture is evident of a civilization that existed for a long period. The easily recognized piece of architecture is the stepped pyramids and well-preserved caves like jolja and the candelaria. It has been argued that the Maya people remodeled the temple and pyramids after every fifty-two years. This remodeling was done by the new rulers or for political matters. Scholars ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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