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In A Midsummer Night's Dream, to what extent do the two settings : city and woods : structure the play [structure] Why is - Essay Example

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Subject: English, Essay Date: Topic: In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to what extent do the two settings – city and woods – structure the play? [Structure] Why is the round-trip journey from one setting to the other necessary for the lovers, rulers, and “hempen homespuns”?…
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In A Midsummer Night's Dream, to what extent do the two settings : city and woods : structure the play [structure] Why is

Download file to see previous pages... “The significant action of the play takes place in the forest outside Athens.”(Rahn) The conflict generated in the surroundings of the city moves to the woods in search solution. A conflict generates between Egeus and his daughter Hermia who is not inclined to marry the man he has selected for her. This city conflict is the root cause for the flight of Hermia to the woods to meet her lover Lysander. “In addition to the opposition of the magic wood with the civilized city, Shakespeare establishes other polarities which influence the action in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The setting also embodies tensions between the supernatural and the mundane, fantasy and reality, imagination and reason, dreaming and waking, passion and self-control, moonshine and daylight.”(Rahn) The forest represents the uncivilized society, outside the legal and moral jurisdiction of human experience. It is a place where strange things can happen as it is the anarchic wood. The presence of lovers in the play heightens the tensions. When they are there, others arrive and the situation gets complicated further. The perennial anxiety to the spectators is about the possible fate of the lovers. By articulating such a confusing situation in the woods about the city-bred royalty, Shakespeare delights in creating imagery and employs dialogues at their best. A unique bond is established in the woods amongst royalty, commoner and the supernatural creatures. Normally there is no meeting ground between these conflicting interests. But peculiar circumstances have brought them together. Shakespeare resorts to comical situations and poetic imagination to create a matchless scene of mild confrontation. Deliberate mischief is introduced through the character of Puck who misplaces the magic dust on the eyelids of the wrong lover, Lysander rather than Demetrius that makes the web of troubles and confusion. He is the unifying character. The fairies/supernatural elements tide over the situation, as expected of their power and the families reconcile their differences. The structure of the play is connected well with the example of the supernatural characters of Oberon and Titiana. The audience is able to decipher their connection to the human beings, as they have their share of human frailties. The basic characteristics of fairies are capricious and they are irrational. With these two qualities Shakespeare articulates that they are able to influence human love relationships. Puck, with his ingenuity and sense of humor, wisely interprets the frailties of the humans, and he ends the play with his apology, but not before completing his task of making the supernatural powers bless the mortals, who are happily united. Puck tenders the apology thus: “If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended, That you have but slumbr'ed here While these visions did appear And this weak and idle theme No more yielding than a dream Gentles, do not reprehend.” (V, 1, 423-429, p.86) The title of the pay lends credence to make an important allusion to the nature, and this therefore a great imaginative comedy. Dreams induced by the fairies, pave way for the resolution of conflicts of the humans in an amicable manner. To understand the structure of the play properly, profound imagination about the people in the bygone era when they believed that the invisible creatures interacted with human beings and helped to shape their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream
The author states that Shakespeare tries to prove that the course of love does indeed never run smooth and we should be prepared to lose our love before we can ever dream of finding it again. In other words, it is better to set the one we love free and see if he or she does indeed come back to us or not- that is the test of true love.
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A Midsummer Nights Dream
Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date A Midsummer Night’s Dream The production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed on February 16, 2011 at the Denver Center in Denver Colorado provided a delight portrayal of the classic work.
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A Midsummer Night's Dream Review
He is considered as one of the greatest writers of all time as he shared his expertise in the field of literature and let the readers across ages experience fantasy, romance and a mixture of reality through his literary works. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is said to be a comedy.
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Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
Since the beginning of the play, the audience is introduced to a set of characters who are in love. In all these relationships, however, there are inequalities. The relationship between Hippolyta and Theseus, the duke of Athens is a result of the political situations of both parties.
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A Midsummer Night's Dream Essay
Egeus says Lysander wins Hermia's heart with all these tokens and it is unfair advantage over Demetrius, who has never had a chance to woo Hermia. (Act 1, Scene 1). 2. The sort of entertainment Puck describes in Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 47-57, is not the sort of comic entertainment provided by this play.
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A midsummer night's dream
s, the duke of Athens and Hippolyta, the Queen of Amazons; Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetrius, the youngsters caught up in the tortuous throes of love; the fairy king and queen, Oberon and Titania, whose marital discord sets the stage for mischief and finally a company of
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A Midsummer Night's Dream
The characters of Theseus and Hippolyta represent order throughout the play even though they only make themselves seen at the beginning of the first act and at the end of the final act. They have no part during the play, which calls to question
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A Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare)
The veil between the enchanted world of the fairies and the realistic world of the humans has been temporarily lifted, and the interactions between magical and real are presented throughout the play. The
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Shakespeare's Midsummer night's dream
The feminine is then the other which challenges the societal norms of the masculine self .in a midsummer night’s dream we have a set of woman who are at odds with this male society and with each other .one woman is loved and admired by the male
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A Midsummer Night's Dream
A critical evaluation shows that the pain and humiliation by somebody else generates the laughter in the play. Mechanicals and lovers change when they interact with the children
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