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(Social Injustice) The that racism is tolerated today why is one life worth more than another still today,why is ok for one man - Essay Example

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Name: Subject: Topic: Date: Social Injustice Individuals all around the world have a large number of similarities and differences. It is a responsibility of every human being to understand and appreciate these differences. Racism is not justifies in any sense and should be completely removed from our society…
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(Social Injustice) The that racism is tolerated today why is one life worth more than another still today,why is ok for one man
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"(Social Injustice) The that racism is tolerated today why is one life worth more than another still today,why is ok for one man"

Download file to see previous pages But what is racism? It is a belief that one`s race and beliefs are superior to another. The term ethnocentrism is also used which is a belief that a person`s group and sub culture is superior to that of another person. A racist is an individual who believes that people belonging to different races should be separated and should work in a joint environment. The 21st century has seen a lot of advancements in terms of technology, globalization and shared values and it is surprising to know that racism is still practiced all over world and human being have been unable to remove the act of racism from our society. Racism has existed throughout the history of human kind and it has taken a number of different forms. Racism is done on the basis of culture, language, skin color, gender as well as age and disability. The most famous case of racism has been seen in the western world where discrimination took place against the African-American as they were forced to do slavery on the basis of their skin color. They were believed to be an inferior race and were not given proper rights and opportunities. This kind of racism is still seen today but it has decreased by a large percentage due to laws and regulations. Gender discrimination is another common type of discrimination prevalent in all the countries. Women and other minorities are often excluded from important matters or decision as they are thought to be less capable and worthy as compared to their counterpart. In workplaces, women have to face a glass ceiling as they are not given proper opportunities for promotion as well as improvements and even paid less than men who are working at the same position and same level of expertise. Although there are laws and regulation for this type of discrimination as well but it is still seen today all around the world. Women living in eastern countries, especially have to face discrimination as their families think that their main responsibility is to take care of the children and family at home. As a result of this, they are given lesser chances and opportunities to grow (Anup; Home - Race, Racism and the Law). Racism has been prominent in workplaces and organizations. Workers are facing discrimination as they are not given employment opportunities only because of their skin color, religion or their language. Employees have to face prejudice, discrimination and other acts of stereotype. Prejudice is the tendency to view people with different qualities as being different. Prejudice results in discrimination and stereotyping. Stereotyping is an irrational belief associated with a particular group of people. It is the assumption that all individuals belonging to a particular group have similar characteristics. It also leads to the concept of diversity which is every way in which an individual differs. Managers in organization are working hard to remove discrimination and racism from their workplace and are encouraging people to adopt workplace diversity. Workplace diversity is defined as appreciating the differences in all the co-workers and working together in teams for the betterment of the organization as a whole. The benefits of workplace diversity include reduces costs in terms of absenteeism and turnover as well as better solutions for work related problems as a result of effective team work (Richard & Lane) There are a number of laws and regulations to counter racism in societies. The universal declaration of human rights includes Article 9 which gives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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