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The Left Brain vs. the Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning - Research Paper Example

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This paper will investigate how the right brain and the left brain influence learning. Brain is one of the most important organs required for learning. However, it is very complex in the way it works. Most of the theories on how the left and right brain affect learning have been heavily criticized. …
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The Left Brain vs. the Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning

Download file to see previous pages... According to the right brain versus left-brain theory, left-brain users are auditory learners and are likely to remember fine details acquired through hearing (Schulz, MAed, & BA, 2011). Another difference between the right brain dominant thinkers and the left-brain dominant thinkers is that the former tend to be subjective while the later are objective. The left-brain thinkers are favored academically since they focus on logical thinking. Additionally, they are good in analyzing situations and problems hence come up with accurate solutions. Conversely, the right brain dominant thinkers tend to focus on aesthetics and tend to base their reasoning on feelings, which make them creative but inaccurate in situations that require use of logic (Zimmer, 2009). For equal learning opportunities, teachers are supposed to ensure that the content fosters completely brained scholastic experience to ensure that both right brain thinkers and the left-brain thinkers benefit. On the contrary, most schools and instructors use teaching styles that require use of logic and analysis which favors the left-brain thinkers. This mode of teaching is a disadvantageous to right brain thinkers who prefer learning through use of images, patterns, and perceptions. They prefer instruction that generate emotions or demand for creativeness (Schulz, MAed, & BA, 2011). Left brain thinkers can easily learn through reading and writing after which they are able to memorize the information. They thus easily pass tests which require recalling of written information. Since most schools use reading and writing as the teaching methodologies, left-brain thinkers perform well in schools. On the other hand, right-brain thinkers require the instructors to...
This essay approves that the right side of brain controls the functioning of the left side of the body. Right brain thinkers tend to use the left side of the body more than the right one. People whose right hemisphere is dominant are said to depend on visual reference when learning. They are thus said to be visual learners. Such learners are likely to remember things that they saw, other than verbal information acquired through hearing. The left-brain thinkers are favored academically since they focus on logical thinking. Left brain thinkers can easily learn through reading and writing after which they are able to memorize the information.
This report makes a conclusion that the right side and the left side of the brain function differently. Scientific studies show that one side of the brain is dominant over the other. Therefore, people tend to use one side of the brain more than the other. They are classified as right-brain thinkers or left-brain thinkers depending on the dominant side of the brain. In learning, left-brain thinkers prefer to use logic, analysis and tend to focus on finer details. They are auditory learners, good in memorizing and easily relate past information with present one. On the other hand, right-side thinkers learn more when visual aids are used. They tend to be creative and make decision based on instincts and reason holistically. However, they are good in communication. Knowing the side of brain one uses more is important since it enables one to choose the appropriate learning style. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Left Brain vs the Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning
The result of the research took a life of its own that virtually pervaded many aspects of learning and teaching and stereotyped individual’s manner of learning and even its capability. The split brain phenomena as pioneered by Dr. Sperry brought the idea of hemispheric specialization that people rely more on a certain hemisphere of the brain than the other was also been used to “discriminate people for occupational choice, defense mechanism and scholastic achievement (Vakil, Soreker and Borentstein, 1998 pg.
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The left brain vs. the right brain: How does this impact learning
Brain based learning is a term used to refer to the acceptance of the fact that the brain of different individuals process information in a different manner and instructions should be provided accordingly to facilitate learning (Duman, 2010, p.2080). One of the major topics of brain based learning is left brain versus right brain dominance and how this dominance impacts learning.
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The Left Brain vs. The Right Brain: How Does this Impact Learning
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