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Gander and society - Essay Example

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Author’s Name October 23rd 2012 Gender Maturity Disparity in Society Studies have shown that females mature faster than males in numerous aspects of life, in which the males are usually at a disadvantage in relation to development…
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Gander and society
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"Gander and society"

Download file to see previous pages Females mature earlier compared to males is a fact that faces refute on so many levels in modern society and is a true statement. This is seen by then desire women show for older men in relationships and life. This is just an example of ways in which the fact can be proved through actual observation on a social aspect in a natural environment. Then fact that, women mature faster than men is also seen on so many other levels such as the vale they attach to education on their formative stages of live, as compared to men who tend to pay attention to their academic requirements much later in life. This also reflects on graduation rates of the said women, where females drop out of school at a lower rate than that of their male counterparts. Moreover, this is mainly due to the differences the two parties have in their genetic structure. In this case, it refers to their chemical balance and hormonal differences in the two. Mentally, this is seen by the early myelination of the brain, where the nerves of the brain are coated at a faster rate in females to allow snappy conductivity of electrical impulses to and from the brain (Hodgins 6). This is what makes women develop sooner than males as the myelination process is complete by over twelve to eighteen months as opposed to the male, which continues to develop into their early twenties. The above can also be shown in the case of language development, where females mature in terms of language earlier than males. This is due to the development of the female brain in an advanced rate. In relation to this, vocabulary is learnt and reading skills are acquired earlier than males. As a result, males learn verbal skills at a lower rate and learn verbal communication slowly. Still on brain maturity, females tend to have improved chemical secretions for a balanced personality. This is due to the amounts of serotonin that the female brain secretes; thus, influencing the female personality in relation to impulsiveness. This is as opposed to the male brain that produces lower levels making males have rash personalities that act on impulse. The above is, in addition to the production of oxytocin in males and females, where in females it is continually produced to work on their responses to other people’s pain as opposed to males (Hodgins 6). This can be seen in cases where males, in the society, look more after their own interests in spite of other people’s suffering. However, this occurs only if the parties involved are not that close to the male in question. As a result, females respond appropriately to the needs and pain of other people despite the lack of personal or relationship ties. The emotional aspect in males and females in the society is the issue at hand due to the act that females mature faster in all other aspects except emotionally. In this regard, emotional maturity for both parties in question is almost at par if males are not more advanced than the females. This is due to the ability of males to compartmentalize that which they would like to have as adults, as opposed the principle applied by females. On the other hand, females relate their emotional aspects, where they cling to the emotional ties of a relationship that they would like to have as adults. This translates to the concept of males having stronger and effective control over their emotions, as opposed to females. This puts male emotional maturity at a higher level than that of women as maturity is in emotion is defined to be full ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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