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Memento - Essay Example

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“Memento” & “Memento Mori” “Memento” was a 2001 movie inspired by the short story “Memento Mori”, written by Jonathan Nolan and published in the March 2001 issue of Esquire magazine. (“Memento)The basic premise of the film version and the short story it was adapted from “Memento Mori” are very similar…
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Download file to see previous pages In the short story version “Memento Mori” a man named Earl has lost his short term memory after he and his wife were viciously attacked by an unknown assailant. His wife was killed in the attack but Earl sustained severe head injuries resulting in his short term amnesia. Because he can only remember things for about ten minutes at a time, he uses notes and tattoos to keep track of new information. The story goes between two time-frames. In the first time frame Earl is in a mental institution. The second time frame details his escape from the mental institution which he does not remember. During his escape he sets out to avenge the murder of his wife by finding her killer. Since Earl is lacking long term memory he relies on notes, tattoos and a third person narrative to help him. The story is told using the third person narrative along with a first person narrative. The first person narrative is told from Earl’s point of view with sentences beginning with “you”, while the third person narrative is an outsider to the story. “ The function of the third-person narration is to juxtapose an external view of Earl with the internal views that Earl expresses in his writing. The third person narrator describes how Earl's short-term memory loss affects his behavior. The external narrator shows Earl stumbling around and reading his endless notes.” (Nolan n. pag.) Earl succeeds in killing his wife’s but cannot remember this incident. The story ends with Earl in the back of a police car after he is arrested for killing his wife’s’ murderer. The film “Memento” was directed by Christopher Nolan. (Jonathan Nolan’s brother) In it the main character is named Leonard Shelby. Like Earl, Leonard and his wife were attacked viciously by unknown assailants and his wife is killed in the attack. Leonard was brutally beaten by the same man who killed his wife and as a result of this vicious attack he has no short-term memory. Leonard killed the attacker who raped and strangled his wife, but a second clubbed him and escaped. After an investigation by law enforcement, police determined that the attacker who was killed by Leonard acted alone. However Leonard insists that there was a second attacker that he believed was named John G. Like Earl in the short story version Leonard conducts his own investigation using a system of notes and tattoos in order to help himself cope with short term memory loss. He also adds Polaroid photos to help him. However while Earl acted alone Leonard has the help of Natalie, a barmaid and Teddy who claims to be Leonard’s friend. These people seem to random people that Leonard comes across who do not seem to have anything to do with the other. (“Memento”)Unlike Earl who saw the face of his wife’s killer, “You remember his face”, (sheepdean), Leonard never saw the faces of the perpetrators in the attack. As a result he winds up being manipulated by Teddy and Natalie into killing two wrong men. (“Memento”) The plot of the film version goes from the end of the movie to the beginning of the movie (end of the plot). There are color sequences interconnected with black and white sequences throughout the movie. (Memento) The black and white sequences begin with Leonard sitting in a motel room talking on the phone to an unknown person. The color sequences are also not shown in order. Once Leonard finds out the license plate of “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How creative are the filmmakers when presenting a story
However, analysis has indicated that filmmakers are some creative people who acquire power to change things with the help of not money but through creative utilization of settings, location, etc to present a story to their viewers. Specifically, this paper is an attempt to signify such creative role of filmmakers with references of two films: Memento (2001) and Taxi Driver (1976).
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Visual Arts and Film Studies. Memento 200, Truffauts 400 Blows, Casablanca and The Spirit of the Beehive
Memento 200 In this story, the role of Leonard in the theme of the movie will be detailed, and related to his life. It opens a broader perception of the main character, who and the ex-investigator who is unable to create existing memories of the murder of his wife, which keeps tormenting his conscious.
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Describe A Movie: Memento by Christopher Nolan
The film which is in reverse chronological order is symbolic of the main character’s attempt to create a system of extended memory and to take revenge of his wife’s murder. The evaluation of the film Memento proves that the main character is not responsible for his actions because the same were not performed of the character’s own free will.
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Analysis Essay
This film revolves around Leonard Shelby, the protagonist of the film, who suffers from anterograde amnesia, which is a short-term memory loss. This condition makes him unable to make new memories, and it resulted from an injury when he was preventing two men from raping and killing his wife (Memento).
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The movie has two plots one running in color and the other in black and white. The black and white plot is shown in chronological order while the colored plot is the reverse. The movie comes to an end when the two plots meet. This plot makes it difficult to follow and it would require one to watch the movie more than once in order to get the story.
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On regaining consciousness he desparately wants to search for the killer and seek vengeance. Leonard goes on a manhunt and the plot is all about how he investigates. how he overcomes his memory
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Memento (2000)
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