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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Describing Fear Fear is an emotion evoked by the unshakable belief that something or someone could be dangerous and might cause bodily harm or threat to an individual. This feeling forces an individual to either hide or hastily move to a location that they perceive safe for them…
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Describing an essay
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"Describing an"

Download file to see previous pages This occurs in a case that there is grave danger facing an individual (Allyn 26). Mostly, when people experience fear, adrenalin kicks in allowing them to scamper extremely fast to safety. Arguably, no theory or ideology specifies on this reaction, but may be fear becomes the propellant for people to head to safer zones. However, fear is not anxiety as many would want to believe, but instead anxiety is a feeling of nervousness on an imminent event that is not necessarily associated to any form of danger. It is the uncertainty of the outcome of an event making it particularly different from fear. Therefore, the essence of this paper will be to describe a picture in relation to fear it evokes. Fear draws similar meaning to phobia, which was initially a Greek word. In essence, this gives meaning to the various forms of fear that are in existence. Incidentally, phobia is more clinical than fear as its use is in identifying and naming the fear that an individual has in order for them to access treatment. For instance, the fear of water is aqua phobia while the fear of small spaces makes one to claustrophobic. Additionally, there is also the fear of death termed as Thanatobia and coulrophobia, which is the abnormal fear of clowns. These are just a few examples of existing fears, as the list is endless. However, there is no specific name given to the fear of scary looking faces, but the other fear closely related to coulrophobia is mask phobia that is the fear of masks. As per the picture, the woman in it appears one who provokes fear to anyone who views the picture for the first time. She appears to be a woman who has seen her fair share of unfortunate events in her life. For instance, the eyes are the windows to the soul hence hers appears evil and dark. Her eyes are not appealing although their color is unique. From another angle, she appears, as though she has evil spirits within her that makes fearful to associate with them. According to fictitious narratives, those possessed by evil spirits tend to camouflage their eyes to evoke fear among their viewers. Usually, a ray of light appears from their eyes that sometimes produces flames of fire. This is to mean that the eyes can reflect the nature of an individual and the availability of supernatural powers. Anyone who would meet her would fear having any form of confrontations with her because of her appearance. On the other hand, this woman’s face depicts suffering and the way of life subjected to her. It appears as though she has learnt not to trust anyone hence portraying the anger and rage that dwell within her. Essentially, the tormenting experiences that people go through make them build invisible walls around themselves due to the fear of going through the same experience again. Ideally, this woman might have experienced civil war and human suffering first hand. This experience appears to have hardened her in to not having a welcoming smile. Her face depicts distrust and a sharp contrast of a contented woman. Tentatively, the events in the lives of people reflect on their skin as a smooth skin, especially on the face, reflects a smooth life. In contrast, this woman’s face is rough and neglected. This means that she does not pay attention to detailed beauty to her facial appearance. Sequentially, her facial impressions make her the modest and rural kind of woman. This is mainly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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