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Position Paper on Achilles (As the Hero) - Essay Example

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Instructor Name: Date: Position Paper on Achilles (As the Hero) The Iliad is a perfect example of honor and integrity in Greek Mythology. Two heroes fight each other to fulfill the goals that they want to. Achilles and Hector fight each other to get the best out of each other…
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Position Paper on Achilles (As the Hero)
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"Position Paper on Achilles (As the Hero)"

Download file to see previous pages In Greek mythology honor meant courage, integrity in ones belief and actions and honesty of intent. Achilles fulfills all of them whereas we see that Hector is unable to stand his ground in trying to fight for his people. In book 22, Hector was the single Trojan left outside Troy. His father, Priam, stands guard observing the battleground from the Trojan fortifications. He pleads with Hector to come inside. We then see that Hector contemplates finding a less damaging solution by giving over Helen of troy, who was the fountainhead of the war, and with her the treasures that Alexandrus bought, in order to settle with Achilles. But he still stands guard deciding that Achilles would not be merciful. However, the sight of Achilles at the gates struck fear in the heart of Hector who fled with Achilles in hot pursuit. Hector runs the length of troy thrice, trying to rid himself of Achilles. Meanwhile in Olympus Zeus, watched this chase and pitied the noble Hector who had ‘burned many a heifer’ in his honor and considers saving him. Minerva (Athena) then flares up saying that if her father wishes to alter the prophesied fate of Hector then she would not be of mind with him. In response to Athena’s disapproval, Zeus urges her to descent from Olympus and fulfill Hectors predefined fate. Then at last as the two warriors were approaching the fountains of Troy for the fourth Troy, Zeus balanced his golden scales and placed on each end the fate of Achilles and Hector, whereby Hectors scale fell into the depths of Hades. We witness then that Athena goes to Achilles relays news of his upcoming victory and informs him of her plan to trick Hector. Athena then appears near Hector disguised as Deiphobus and convinces Hector to face Achilles with Deiphobus by Hectors side. When Hector finally faces Achilles he pledges not to mistreat his body if Achilles is slain and return it to the Achaeans, in turn for a return favor incase Hector meets his end. Achilles refuses to bind himself in any such pledges and tried to strike his spear at Hector. But Hector managed to avoid it. In retaliation Hector, with remarkable aim, hurls his spear at Achilles but it bounces off his armor. When Hector turns to Deiphobus to ask for another spear he finds that his brother has disappeared and then it dawns on him that Minerva has tricked him to his doom. Hector, nevertheless, wants to die a glorious death and swoops upon Achilles with a sword. Achilles moves forward for an attack as well and having spotted the exposed collarbone of Hector through the armor he pierces his neck. As the last breathe leaves him Hector asks for his body to be sent to his parents instead of being devoured at the banks of the Achaen ships but Achilles does not honor his request and ridicules him. Following this the Achaen soldiers wounded the body of Hector and his body was then dragged in dirt by the chariot of Achilles. The city mourns for their hero as Hectors father, mother and wife go manic with grief. An example of a show of honor is when Achilles shows immense resolve and righteousness for his cause as Hector nears his end. While Hector lay bleeding, he tries to entice Achilles with promises of gold and treasure if Achilles would return Hectors body to his people. Earlier when Hector asks Achilles to deliver his body to his city if he dies, he replies: “Hector stop! You unforgivable you … don’t talk to me of pacts. There are no binding oaths between men and lions – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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