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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants - Essay Example

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Free Public Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants Name Institution Date The question of whether American government should fund education for illegal immigrants has been a controversial issue among policy makers for a lengthy period. This results from the increasing number of illegal immigrants from different parts of the world…
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants

Download file to see previous pages... Arguably, every young individual has dreams for a better future, and this can only be achieved from education. In addition, the schools are aimed at prepare an active participant in the future of American society when such attain maturity. Though illegally within the country, the government should understand that they are part of the country. As such, illegal immigrants should be provided with knowledge and skills to avoid making them dependants. They might be a vital asset in the future. If ignored, the immigrants may even cause problems to the country such as committing crimes. These crimes may even affect their home countries to extend of destroying the relationship between the countries (Grandrath, 2011). A scholar once stated that if a society governance values individuals, believes in both education and children, then it should be ready to take care and educate each child in its area of jurisdiction. In American government’s case as a society, it should then be ready to fund the education of these illegal immigrants irrespective of their race and origin to better individual’s and the country’s future (Grandrath, 2011). Education usually acts as stepping-stone for many people and denial to the right for education may lead to destruction of people’s goals. ...
Some may be talented in many aspects of benefit to the country. They maybe even grow up to become great people in power and bring a change in government, coming up with policies and rights favoring each person in that country. Obama tries to sensitize the people on t he importance of each person in the nation. From the president’s sensitization speech, we get to know how innocent and important these children are to the nation. Therefore, ignoring them will lead to many problems to the entire nation. For instance, their lives will be affected. Since the immigrants are eventually part of the United States nation, Lack of education translates to unemployment, which means the rate of poverty will increase. This eventually affects the lives of most parts of the nation. Some of the effects caused by poverty may include prostitution, which is a social crime (Grandrath, 2011). From these social crimes, problems like spread of diseases like HIV/Aids will erupt. These may lead to loss of lives and decline in the economy. This is because funds will be set aside for treatment purposes. Further still, education is important in a nation irrespective of the individual being educated since it helps one gain knowledge and skills in different fields. Therefore, failure to educate these aliens may lead to insufficient specialists in different fields and inadequate labor in the country. Denying such individuals access to education means important labor force is left out. As a result, labor import, which is expensive more compared to when labor was readily available, might turn to be the solution. In essence, education helps boost the labor market and hence the economy at large through increased per capita income. Changes in the Dream Act have enabled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants
The USA has gained the reputation of a land of opportunities both with respect to education and employment. This, together with the tough and extremely critical immigration policies of the USA are the main causes of increase in the population of illegal immigrants in the USA.
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants
1. Illegal Immigrants and Free Public Education a) Introduction b) Body i. Educational Goals ii. Importance of free public education for illegal immigrants a. Reducing crime b. Peace and Harmony enlightenment c. Solve labor importation d. Improving Life style iii.
4 Pages(1000 words)Essay
Education to Children of Illegal Immigrants
According to Hjarno (2003), America receives the largest number of illegal immigrants in the world. Most illegal immigrants migrate to the country with anticipation of high living standards and freedom from inherent problems such as wars and oppression. The government should provide free education to children of illegal immigrants.
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Should the government provide free public education to children of illegal immigrants
Arguments against Educating • Misuse of taxpayer’s money in educating immigrants while funding border patrol to keep them out • Unfair to legal immigrants who had to work their way into the system and pay taxes while the illegal ones just get in effortlessly III.
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Harms of Illegal Immigration
One of the most important issues of the White House and Congress should be securing the borders, but homeland security is all but nonexistent. This is a complex problem that is not being solved by the congressmen, who continuously fail to act in the country's best interests.
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Is it ethical to hire illegal immigrants in Hospitality Industry
It is obvious that if they do not hire illegal immigrants, they have to increase pay scale for their workers. Immigration has always been a major issue in the United States, a large portion f our population is made up f people who came from other countries.
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Free Appropriate Public Education
as affirms the rights of disabled children and upholds them as equal to, and just as important as, those enjoyed by non-special needs students across the country. As a civil rights doctrine which confirms and affirms the educational rights of disabled children, it derives its
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Exploration of Healthcare and Immigrants
Yet their eligibility to the U.S. health care system and various public benefits is largely restricted, by federal laws, low level of awareness, and language barriers. Failure of the health care system, caused by a number of reasons, was arrogated to the
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Are there any Medicaid policies towards illegal and legal immigrants
This paper will throw light upon the Medicaid policies provided to the legal as well as illegal immigrants. “Each year the Border Patrol is making more than a million apprehensions of people who flagrantly violate our nations
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The Government should shouldn't provide free university education for everyone
It therefore follows that government should provide free education for everyone for the people to exercise their right to learn. Education is not just about going to college or high school. It is about learning new things that makes an individual grow
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