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Rebuttal : New York's soda ban: An attack on Americans' freedom - Essay Example

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Professor name Date Rebuttal Essay: New York’s Soda Ban: An Attack on Americans’ Freedom Introduction Freedom to make one’s own choice is the right of every individual in a civilized society. No form of civilized society can dictate or compel its citizens to accept its decisions…
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Rebuttal essay: New Yorks soda ban: An attack on Americans freedom
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"Rebuttal : New York's soda ban: An attack on Americans' freedom"

Download file to see previous pages To curb this menace, the American government had imposed restrictions on the size of the containers selling these aerated sugary drinks. The move was favored by the New York City Board of Health which restricted the sale of beverage containers beyond 16 ounces. Obesity has many root causes and simply limiting the size of the container to stop the problem would not be justifiable. Besides, it is a violation of the right of an individual to consume a product according to his wishes. No government can impose restrictions on the amount of consumer goods and utilities that are provided for it citizens. Thus, the thesis statement can be presented as “imposing a restriction on the sale of soda cans in America cannot solve obesity and violates the freedom of its citizens.” New York Bans the Sale of Soda Cans Obesity is a growing health problem all over the world. In America, most of the people are known to suffer from this disease. In a story broadcasted in the CNN, on September 13, 2012, New York City's Board of Health had voted to impose ban on selling sugary drinks in those containers that would be greater than 16 ounces. This was applicable in all entertainment places and restaurants in the city (Lerner). The decision was not accepted by the people as there were many loopholes in it. There were many social consequences that were violated by this rule. Arguments against the Ban 1. The rule was imposed in a move to combat the problem of obesity and related health disorders. However, it has to be understood that it cannot be the only solution of curing the disease. Firstly, by restricting the size of the cans, the Americans believed the government had violated their basic right of choosing. They felt that if a ban is imposed on the amount of food they could consume today, it might lead to other forms of restrictions, too, in future. Besides, "Humans are unique in the meaning they attach to food," as said by Craig Hadley who is a professor of anthropology at Emory University (Mertens). This meant that the size of the cans also carried some significance for an average American. 2. Obesity is spread all over America and restricting the size of cans can do little in solving it. Rather, it will provoke the people to consume more than the amount they consumed earlier. A single large bottle of soda will be less harmful than multiple bottles of soda but with a reduced size. Secondly, people might be compelled to move to other ways for satisfying their cravings. So, the decision taken by the government to reduce the size of the sugary beverages was rather a hasty one. More research and analysis were required before executing the decision. 3. The decision would also invite adverse reactions from the companies selling soda drinks. The companies spent millions in promoting their products. Any decision made on these products would directly hamper their sales figure and revenue. Conclusion From the above arguments, we can say that the ban on the sale of soda drinks in New York was not only a violation of their freedom but also a hasty decision on solving obesity. It proves the thesis statement. The government could have adopted extensive anti-obesity campaigns to make the people more health conscious. This would have encouraged people to abstain from sugary beverages instead of developing a rebelling attitude towards the decision. Apart from that, the decision to reduce the siz ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Rebuttal Essay: New York's Soda Ban: An Attack on Americans' Freedom Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1457737-rebuttal-essay-new-yorkyies-soda-ban-an-attack-on.
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