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Comparing Marxism to an episode of Arrested Development (season 1: Episode 15 Staff infection) - Essay Example

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Name of professor Comparing Marxism to an Episode of Arrested Development (Season 1: Episode 15 Staff Infection) In his Marxism theory, Karl Marx demonstrated a strong disapproval for capitalist economic system in support of communism insisting in his socialism ideologies that all people ought to enjoy full benefits of their labor irrespective of their social class (Kolakowski 37)…
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Comparing Marxism to an episode of Arrested Development (season 1: Episode 15 Staff infection)
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Download file to see previous pages However, Marxism theory is presumed by communists as a historical driving force. Capitalism is seen as one of the most critical and recent historical phenomena that will be overtaken by events. Arrested Development is a television show that portends Marxist ideologies. The television show portrays specific individuals in capitalist society with characters similar to those demonstrated in Marxist theory. Referring to Marxism theory, capitalism leads to the emergence of a proletarian class that has nothing to offer to the economy except labor. The wages that is paid to the proletariats is only meant to maintain their basic needs. As stated by Marx, the state is squarely answerable to social division in the society. The state is used by the ruling class to forcibly maintain their control and rule on other social classes. The same case is also depicted in the Arrested Development television show. The state has led to the creation of illegal immigrants who are used by the bourgeois to offer cheap labor in their means of production. Referring to the television show, it is clear that, Lucille who is the mother of Bluth family is taking advantage of illegal immigrants’ frustration to get cheap labor. ...
As a result, Lucille intends to infringe the state’s regulations and law by employing a minor to a ten hours labor. Marx condemned capitalists for their excessive dictatorship to the proletariats. In a capitalist society, bourgeois rules over other social classes. A similar scenario depicted in the television show, Arrested Development. To start with, it is clear that, Lucille is not even interested in learning the Korean child’s name and instead she calls her an exasperating name. Additionally, Lucille does not offer her Hispanic housekeeper a vacation, expecting to her always serves her without a break. Instead, she assigns the housekeeper worthless responsibilities including bringing up groceries. Capitalism is highly condemned by Marx for creating social and economic disparity. In a capitalist society, workers are paid wages that are relatively below their input to the economy while, the owners of the means of production get a lot of wages for extremely little or no work. As a result, workers survival wages results to increased level of violation of the working class basic rights. Referring to the television show, Arrested Development, the Bluth family’s siblings hold no responsibility and expect wages at the end of the month. They demand monthly wages to develop a sense of entitlement to the family. The workers in the family get awfully little wages that are far much below their input in the economy. According to Marx, capitalism is in most cases influenced and dominated by the owners of the means of productions ideologies. Bourgeois have instituted exceptionally complicated mechanisms for maintaining their economic status quo. The owners of the means of production also control the state and other social classes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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