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English 101 ( exploration ) - Essay Example

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Professor Topic Justice is fairness. It is a sustained quest of building a system that guarantees human beings enjoyment of equality, civil liberties, and the opportunities present in a democratic government. It is about the equitable distribution of wealth and benefits…
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English 101 essay ( exploration )
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"English 101 ( exploration )"

Download file to see previous pages Amid this reality, justice must be the grandest virtue in a democratic society and truth must be its basic attribute. The laws and institutions become nothing and insignificant if these used as instrument for injustice. The latter will drumbeat the call for reformation and abolition of these structures if it perpetuates discrimination, human rights violation, deprivation of liberty, and, if the rights of citizenry are bargained for elitist interest. Injustice is unbearable. It dehumanizes and alienates us from our political ideals or convictions. Justice is supposed to at the core of civilization’s social contracts. Many political and social philosophers have made noble abstractions and theories about systems of governance and yet they commonly agreed that justice’s guiding principles are the foundational pillar required to safeguard a free and rational persons to experience equality as they associate with the rest of the civilization. Through this, they will be able to specify the nature and kind of social cooperation or collaboration needed to form that kind of government for the enjoinment of their basic rights and the performance of duties. It also defines the social benefits they needed to relish therefrom. It’s also through this dream for just society that fellows are able to establish regulations and policies to set norms for social behaviour and interaction. Every person must decide with reasonable reflection on what constitute good and that which is fair against the unjust; equitable against inequitable. True, peoples progress, develop, and change. The nature of social contract for a just society also evolves. The populace social conduct became its culture and the past became historical facts unearthed to shed understanding for the present. Those bloody wars of the past and the conflicts that espoused the evolution of society also alter the course or direction of a nation. Many of those social phenomenon required application genuine justice for social healing and to embody a nation of social cohesion. For unlike those primitive eras when cavemen and nomads thrive in a communal sense of living, the modern times recognize its innate complexities as men and women entered into diverse classification, different social strata, and endlessly competing in the acquisition and utilization of resources. True, laws created division of peoples too and those who have control of the assets caused disparity of economic opportunities as well. Women, known to have assumed domestic roles were considered as the most unfortunate being as they are confined only for giving birth, rearing children, home-making, cooking and tending the concerns of her husbands. Being economically dependent, she heaved the life bereft of decision-making rights and her endeavours are regarded as insult to patriarchal intelligence and strength. Hence, within the confines of each home, women battled too for being disadvantaged under slavery, sexual objectification, critical discomfort, and from emotional or psychological fatigue as war torn while men rejoiced or exalted at the death of their foes. As in the past, women were victims of archaic justice system, the latter being inconsiderate to women’s plight while patriarchal culture ruled in all decision-making processes. Treated as less than men, women assumed roles regarded as inconsequential and secondary within a sexist and violent world; akin to the discomforting and confusing situation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(English 101 Essay ( Exploration ) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
English 101 Essay ( Exploration ) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“English 101 Essay ( Exploration ) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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