Identity, Authority and Freedom; The Potentate and the Traveler by Said Edward W - Essay Example

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The text is about a very interesting yet debatable topic in which author has raised a very important and critical point of concern regarding academic freedom which he believes poses great challenges to the curriculum being taught in different parts of the world. …
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Identity, Authority and Freedom; The Potentate and the Traveler by Said Edward W
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"Identity, Authority and Freedom; The Potentate and the Traveler by Said Edward W"

Download file to see previous pages He believes that the missing element of criticism which is lacking in academies or educational institutes in most parts of the world is something that needs to be added to academic life to resolve issues of politics which include race, gender, religion, national identity and culture. The fact is, that most people are convicted of stereotyping, being ethnocentric, geocentric or faced with a national superiority or a supremacy over other cultures (Said, 2005). Analysis and Evaluation The problem highlighted by the author here relates to identity, authority and freedom of speech and expression in the world in general. The fact that, nothing in this world is seen in isolation but is relative to other things or dependent on other elements such as culture, religion, geographic similarity, religion, nationality or politics. In light of social sciences and humanities, the author considers race, gender, ethnicity and religion as political factors that hinder learning and knowledge at all levels especially in the academia which is suffering from a lack of academic freedom as the author terms it. He believes that academics forms a basis of what the students would later be like once they leave the academic institute and the social, political and general environment is what defines their future and how they deal with adversities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identity, Authority and Freedom; The Potentate and the Traveler by Essay.
“Identity, Authority and Freedom; The Potentate and the Traveler by Essay”, n.d.
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The topic of ""Identity, Authority and Freedom; The Potentate and the Traveler" by Said Edward W" is quite popular among the tasks in university. Still, this essay opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own research.
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