Explore the full implications of the various images of birds in the novel the awakening .how do the different species of birds - Essay Example

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Complete Explore the full implications of the various images of birds in the novel the awakening. How do the different species of birds mentioned symbolize different ideas? For most part, Kate Chopin enriches her novel “The Awakening” with imagery and symbolism through species of birds which essentially reflect the roles, sentiments, and influences of the major female characters Edna Pontellier and Mademoiselle Reisz in the story that depicts a woman’s gradual release from the clutch of austere social conventions…
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Explore the full implications of the various images of birds in the novel the awakening .how do the different species of birds
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"Explore the full implications of the various images of birds in the novel the awakening .how do the different species of birds"

Birds, as may be perceived via the turn of the narrative, serves as a collective embodiment of a situation in conflict and personal crisis which the awakening process in Edna’s life eventually seeks to resolve. As the story begins with a parrot that repetitively utters “Allez vous-en! Allez vous-en! Sapristi! That's all right!”, Chopin appears to weave an introduction which implicitly communicates to the readers the notion that such bird would portray not only a minor part of the background but most significantly, a crucial aspect of Edna’s domestic struggles. The parrot is a caged bird which could only mimic or repeat after someone else’s utterances. This particular attribute is later realized in the state of being which confines Edna who, though not materially deprived, occurs entrapped in a kind of living where she could not proceed beyond the rigid ethics and social demands of the society around her. Like the parrot, Edna is unable to express the psychological and emotional truth in herself which would only manifest whenever she confers with Mademoiselle Reisz during special instrumental moments. Edna becomes overly drawn to the melodies created by Reisz’s music through the piano that she, as a consequence, manages to regain her sense of self and passion in the long run. On the outside, the parrot is such a sight that radiates physical beauty in bright colors of yellow and green. Similarly, Edna projects an overall favorable countenance that apparently hides her true self which has been overcome by her traditional function as house wife and mother. Other Victorian women at the time also yield to the condition that quite resembles that of a caged bird. By the dictates of norm and prevailing moral judgment in their society, all they could ever do is go with the flow without the slightest resistance so that any feeling of dissatisfaction or absence of real contentment is dissolved behind remarkable clothes and mask of proper gestures or decorum as symbolized by the look of colorful feathers. Aside from the parrot, the mockingbird designated at the opposite spot generates a lyrical sound as if to describe the nature Mademoiselle Reisz is. Compared to the other bird, the mockingbird exhibits a unique trait of mimicking songs produced by another creature and to this extent, one may imagine the woman’s profound love for music and her craft which the image of the mockingbird represents. At this stage, Edna is further distinguished from the older lade in reference to the degree by which each woman is capable of demonstrating inner potentials especially when it comes to the pursuit of art which is common to both of them. It takes a neighbour and company like Mademoiselle Reisz to awaken the sleeping sensations of Edna whose commitment to the life of domestic duties and dependence on her husband Leonce have largely separated her from the wellness of cultivating oneself toward fulfillment. Moreover, while it is possible for the mockingbird to receive greater appreciation due to its captivating laryngeal abilities, it would be difficult for the parrot to be understood based on intrinsic behavior. Just as the latter is barely able Read More
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