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Love or Morality, Which is More Important - Essay Example

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According to several sources, the act of committing adultery is viewed as a highly unethical and immoral act. …
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Love or Morality, Which is More Important
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"Love or Morality, Which is More Important"

Download file to see previous pages Although the act of cheating within a relationship is wrong, there are several situations in the story by Anton Chekhov whereby cheating is highly evident. The story ‘The Lady with the Pet Dog’ portrays a male point of view of committing adultery that offers a clear view of why most individuals are unfaithful in relationships (Chekhov 228). This paper will employ the new critical theory in discussing the issue of love and morality in a relationship according to the story by Anton Chekhov. The act of committing adultery is viewed as an emotional fulfillment and a physical need at the same time. However, this can significantly affect the individuals involved emotionally and physically depending on the circumstances involved. These circumstances are based on the circumstances that involve the individual. According to the story, Gurov and Anna are married, however; they are no longer in love with their partners due to lack of intimacies in the relationship. This situation fully justifies the adulterous act between Anna and Gurov. In the beginning of the story? Anna was already engaged in an illegal relationship with Gurov, until the end of the narrative when she realizes that they were both married to different individuals. In this story, Gurov and Anna significantly contribute to the theme of love and morality (Chekhov 230). According to Anna, the fact that her husband made her unhappy is what lured her into cheating. This is because she was not happy and was no longer in love with her husband. In the story, it is also mentioned that Gurov had brought her daughter to school in order to see Anna. This reveals that the aspect of self pleasure is pre-dominant in the story. This aspect of self pleasure totally changed the motivation of Anna and Gurov (Chekhov 231). In addition, Gurov’s wife is portrayed in the worst description. According to the author she was tall, black-browned, dignified and erect. This description does not portray an appealing picture to the reader. Gurov had met her while he was still attending college, and they fell in love blindly. From the perspective, Chekhov highlights that Anna was a mystery in the small town which Gurov was enticed to solve. Gurov questioned himself about this mystery which he was about to solve. To Gurov’s dismay, Anna was married, and she had come in the town just to visit. On the contrary, Gurov was fully satisfied about her condition (Chekhov 235). As highlighted in the preamble, the logic behind the issue of infidelity may give an individual an assurance of how adultery can be justifiable. This is because there are several reasons that lure individuals into committing adultery. Some of the most regular reasons include the loss of a loved one, tediousness in a relationship, lack of emotional fulfillment to express passionate desires and lack of personal happiness in the relationship among others. In this case, the lack of love between Gurov and his wife reveals the unfaithfulness of Gurov in the marriage (Chekhov 237). This prompted Gurov to seek an intimate relationship with another woman in their affair. In most cases, the adulterer usually attempts to replace his or her emotions through having an affair with a different individual. According to Chekhov, Gurov was unfaithful to his wife for a long period. The author points out that Gurov considered his wife as unintelligent, narrow-minded and dowdy. He was also terrified of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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