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The Shifting Heart (Drama Play) - Essay Example

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Almost every society of the world has been through some of the racists’ clashes, gender discrimination and social disorganizing conflicts that have left scars on associations between members…
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The Shifting Heart (Drama Play)
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Download file to see previous pages Racism is not just evident in terms of different races but among the rights being provided to men and women further resulting in other conflicts which may damage social organization of institutions. These can be the castes issues, status consciousness, corruption in order to provide the best to ineligible, power conflict etc. This paper aims to discuss different societal problems in the society by considering The Shifting Heart as the base source for analysis. Furthermore, the paper will also constitute different examples of racism, gender discrimination and social conflicts with the aid of different characters of the story. Despite increasing the economic surplus of modern states, it is an evident fact that even the modern countries or developed countries of the world are noting increased number of social conflicts. It should be noted that conflicts arise when there is a difference in approach of associating in a community. Considering the case of Australian society, the play The Shifting Heart has been written to represent the social differences and aspects of social disorganization in Australian society. The playwright has noted a number of societal issues such as gender discrimination, racial discrimination etc. as the root cause of social disorganization in the society (Benyon). The gender discrimination is quiet evident in the play as the stage setting shows three families which are in war with each other because of being racially different. It can be noted that the families have shown a great deal of gender discrimination. The Italian family or Bianchi family shows hatred against the neighboring family of Fowler. This hatred shows a contempt or in other words gender discrimination that the Bianchi family does not allow the women of the Fowler family to be treated with any respect. However, this is different in terms of bianchi’s own family that the women in Italian family are given much respect along with communicating with them in a very positive and polite manner (Benyon). Racial Discrimination With the help of evaluation of the stage setting, it can also be noted that the families at war with each other have totally outlawed each other in terms of actions. It can be noted by the analysis of stage setting that the walls between the families include barbed wire. The barbed wire can also be noted as a way of disintegrations of association among the members of the society. Despite being different from each in terms of races, both the families’ represent a similar society or a community. This is exemplified by Lukie and Clarry in Stage III. Lukie and Clarry exchange harsh words at their first acquaintance. While Clarry says that he likes nothing about Lukie (Beynon, 93), Clarry sarcastically tells Lukie he, “…Must be feeling as if he’s on top of the world” Clarry’s bellicose nature is further exposed when he, upon learning that Lukie had apprehended some suspects in relation to Gino’s beating, asks Lukie if he is after some promotion (Beynon, 97). It is clear that with this state of affairs characterizing interpersonal relationships among people of different races, social cohesion remains nearly unachievable (Benyon). Class consciousness is another issue that can arise if there is racial discrimination among two parties of the society. This is evident in the case of both the families at w ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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