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English on Monster - Essay Example

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Monster I. Introduction The utterance ‘Monster’ can be specified as an abstract nuance exhibiting or revealing the hidden sides of things. In close proximity to the human needs it can be stated that a monster is an explanation of a strange and frightening being whose existence is highly doubted by majority or all of the currently accepted scientific authorities (Greer, 8-9)…
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English essay on Monster
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"English on Monster"

Download file to see previous pages The monsters used in the literature as well as the films are generally reflectors of the dark side of human nature. Basically the portray of the monsters in the literature, drama and most essentially in films points towards the establishment of a social angle in front of a target audience (Fischoff et al, 2). The paper will be discussing about the monster Frankenstein from various films that portray the character in different shades of human nature. Background The target audience of this piece is for all, especially towards the bureaucratic psychology bearers of the modern world who are generally hardcore supporters of the oppression, dominance and torture and seeks to establish a social point of view with the urge towards the attainment of a solution. The Curse of Frankenstein was one of the movies on Frankenstein by Terence Fisher made in the year 1957. In the movie it was shown how the son of a wealthy family, Dr. Victor Frankenstein got himself entangled between his penchant for science and societal boundaries. The protagonist i.e. Dr. Victor Frankenstein was shown to developed an interest in the origins of life and he had recreated a dead dog. His next ambition was to recreate a dead human being. He thought of fusing the body parts of people with different intellect and knowledge. The doctor was successful in his mission to create the monster but it lacked the human and intellectual traits he wished to see in it. Instead it had developed to be a scary, psychotic killer. Frankenstein could not carry on with his work for long as he got involved in a murder case as well as faced hostility from the society and his dear ones (The Curse of Frankenstein). In another movie on the same theme Frankenstein Created Woman, it was shown how Frankenstein had tried to cheat death by transferring the soul of a dead person into a new body. In the movie, a female monster was created from a person who had drowned herself. The monster ultimately became a killer instead of a normal human being as was thought by Dr. Frankenstein (Women And Frankenstein). The movie ‘The Modern Promethus’ centers around the life of Victor Frankenstein who was born and brought up in the Geneva in a wealthy family with a safe environment surrounded by beloved ones and pursued education in science for establishing a quite interesting and promising future. The metaphor lies in the fact that the science is a powerful tool in innovation and in making the life of the people happier but as an aftermath of the industrial revolution science can be visualized as a curse in the then societal structure. Victor leaves home for the purpose of study in Germany in the writings of renowned alchemist and scientists but was subjected to criticism by a professor. Nevertheless he carries on with his scientific experiments within the fields of anatomy, natural philosophy with the collection of dead decaying human parts from the graveyard and ultimately developed a monster or creature similar to that of a human being. At this the Victor’s statement can be mentioned as follows: “No one can conceive the variety of feelings which bore me onwards, like a hurricane, in the first enthusiasm of success. Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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