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The advantages and disavantages of being a military mother - Research Paper Example

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Military Mother Name Subject Teacher Date               Outline I. Title: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Military Mother II. Thesis Statement: Despite the honor of fighting for their country, military mothers face a whole lot of disadvantages that would have to make them either become more steadfast in their military duties or return to a more peaceful life as a civilian mother…
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The advantages and disavantages of being a military mother
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"The advantages and disavantages of being a military mother"

Download file to see previous pages Greater effort to gain the respect of her male colleagues D. Tendency not to forget the emotional trauma of war E. Limited freedom V. Conclusion VI. References The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Military Mother Which is worse – a male soldier urinating or a female soldier breastfeeding her two babies at the same time with her breasts fully exposed to her colleagues? Although everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, there is a good chance that most people would think that the latter scenario is worse. There is definitely nothing wrong with women breastfeeding nor with women becoming soldiers, but it is simply too uncomfortable to see these female soldiers breastfeeding. Military mothers, just like any ordinary soldier, have served their own countries well, with even around 30,000 of them in the U. S. Army sent to Iraq and Afghanistan (Scott, 2010). Nevertheless, despite the honor of fighting for their country, military mothers face a whole lot of disadvantages that would have to make them either become more steadfast in their military duties or return to a more peaceful life as a civilian mother. Basically, the advantages of being a military mother are simply the benefits that a soldier receives. Military mothers are not treated differently from male servicemen just because they are female. One of the advantages of being a military mother is that they can avail of the usual benefits conferred to all members of the military. This includes relocation assistance services, money management services, family advocacy services, legal assistance services, deployment services, and child and youth services. Just like any serviceman, a military mother avails of relocation assistance services like briefings on how to adapt to transfers. Money management services consist of programs for the education and counseling of soldiers including military mothers on how to handle their finances, how to eliminate debt and how to spend their money wisely, whether or not on active duty. Family advocacy services refer to parent support groups that hold abuse prevention classes and at the same time provide assistance to families of soldiers and military mothers as well as those families with special needs. Legal assistance services are those that offer walk-in services for soldiers and military mothers as well when they need advice on personal legal matters, filing of income tax, preparation of wills, contracts, correspondence and other legal documents. Deployment services refer to briefings on how to manage new household budgets while military mothers are away from their children, how to maintain communication with the family, and how to prepare wills in case death occurs while the military mother is on active duty. Lastly, child and youth services are all about child care programs for soldiers including military mothers. These programs include sports and fitness programs as well as trainings on leadership, arts and recreation, as well as mentoring and education of young children. School transition support and outreach programs are also provided to the children of all soldiers. Most of these services are available to soldiers and military mothers through the Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation program of the government, where recreation, sports, travel, leisure and entertainment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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