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Character Study of Kevin Clash in Constance Mark's Being Elmo - Essay Example

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Name Professor Subject 1 August 2012 Character Study of Kevin Clash in Constance Mark’s ‘Being Elmo’ Observations about Kevin Inferences about Kevin When he was young he did a puppet show for a sick injured kid in the neighborhood as well as performing in a local clinic for blind kids…
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Character Study of Kevin Clash in Constance Marks Being Elmo
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Download file to see previous pages Determined and resourceful He was not always around while his little girl was growing up though he really wanted to but the demand for his appearance is necessary Dedicated with his work Torn between family time and work time but faced the adversaries of his work professionally There was a point in time that his daughter messaged him asking him to spend some time with her for she will be moving to college in a few years time and so he did manage to spend time wisely with work and his daughter A loving father He did realize Elmo’s importance to kids, and his too, when a young girl wanted to see Elmo as a dying wish Sympathetic Trains and inspires aspiring puppeteers An inspiration Being Elmo is a story of how a man is in the likelihood of acquiring success if he pursues his dreams and aspirations in life with all passion and dedication. It is a story of how a person was able to succeed despite challenges along the way as long as determination and focus is set on a sturdy will that no matter how hard the road to success may be aspiration will always get it into something great. It tells a story of how so much passion is put into something that pays really well especially when the person takes people into consideration aside from his own. A story of childhood in every person and how a simple childish dream was set into the biggest reality of having a dream come true that brings every aspiring child in every viewer. Kevin Clash is a strong willed character who knows where to put his dreams to eventually become a reality. An ambitious hardworking and dedicated person with what he loves to do even when other people thinks that his passion for puppets will not get him anywhere. This is a tear-jerker documentary of connivance between passionate individuals when Kevin Clash clashes into an almost losing red puppet that changed both of their worlds into a dream come true. Kevin is an ambitious boy that even at an early age he knew what he wants to do and would make people around him know how much he is into it. His ambition made him do his first puppet out of his father’ trench coat without even thinking what his folks would say but nevertheless he did it to show how much his conviction for his dream is. The same ambition blinded him of the obstacles along the way that made him stay focused despite negativities around his passion for puppets (‘Being Elmo’). Kevin is an optimistic person. He always sees the bright side in everything that keeps him more focused and dedicated. He wanted to prove that he will not fail. Take for instance when Elmo was thrown in his palm and was asked to find a voice for it. He knew how experienced and great Richard Hunt is, but nevertheless he took the challenge and stood up for it. Kevin went home to Baltimore and put dedication into the voice of Elmo. His childhood and loving character was transpired into the red puppet and so Elmo was born to spread love the way he was created for (‘Being Elmo’). He does not care much if he works behind the cam and that everybody knows Elmo but only a few know ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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