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Teenage drug addicts - Essay Example

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Drugs have been always successful in trapping the majority teenagers living around the world during all these decades. …
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Teenage drug addicts
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"Teenage drug addicts"

Download file to see previous pages A study by National Center of Education Statistics during the year 2009 found out that the main reason of this proliferating numbers of teen drug addicts is that 22% of high school teens are being provided in drugs in their respective schools (Russell, 2008). This teen population, around 45% of this part of teen population cannot see any ‘risk’ due to excessive drug use. That means lack of awareness is the dominant reason that has led to such a grave issue. Teens living in UK are also in the running. They too fall in the same category that is severely attacked by this issue of Drug Abuse. They too are falling in the trap and ruining their lives, UK’s society and the country as a whole. Teen Drug Addiction in UK – Causes, Effects and Current Trends Even after the government’s several attempts of implementing strict policies on its teen population, the numbers of ‘Teenage Drug Addicts in Britain’ are increasing at a high rate. The deaths in Britain due to drug abuse rose from 1952 to2182 deaths in total. Before peeking into the world of Teen Drug addicts in UK, we first need to know who these drugs came into this country and ruined the lives of many people, enjoying their teenage life. In case of Cocaine, UK is considered to be the most affected country due to drug abuse in the entire world. With 2% regular users of cocaine in UK, teens living between these people will surely fall in this trap and try their first drug, and this is what really happened. With a 19million share of the cost of drugs in the GDP of UK, more than 40% of this is paid by the UK teens. These figures clearly demonstrate the scenario of drug addicts who are teenagers and are living in Britain (Plant, et al, 2010). Overview of Teen drug Addiction During the time 2008 to 2009, around 8.1% increase has been observed in the number of teen drug users in UK. In UK, drug abuse is not just an epidemic, but a plaque. United Kingdom has a long history of teen drug abuse in its regards, because it was the first ever country of European Union that was reported to see the emergence of the drug misuse. In United Kingdom, drugs are commonly supplied around the country that’s why teens cannot find difficult in finding them and becoming huge big drug addicts in a short time period. This has led to a creation of social norm about this country as now the teen population have become really open minded when it comes to use drugs openly in social gatherings (Paylor et al, 2012). The current scenario of teen drug addicts in Britain has illustrated that this issue is getting out of hand. In a European Schools Survey Project, with 42% teen boys and 39% teen girls, illegal drugs have been used. Alcohol abuse, alcohol one of those drugs widely used in teenagers in UK, is prevailing commonly in UK, and this situation is getting worse in case of girls. Professor Martin Plant, of the University of West of England said: “One of the big problems is that vast numbers of young people who engage in these behaviors believe that they are completely invulnerable”. Causes of Teen Drug Addiction One of the reasons of a high rate of teenage drug addicts in UK reported by this professor are poor parenting. Parents living in UK are very broad minded and don’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teenage Drug Addicts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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