The best sister in the world - Essay Example

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The author of this paper tells that the best moment in his life was when he realized that he has the best sister in the world. The most meaningful moments in the author ’s life had been associated with her…
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The best sister in the world
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"The best sister in the world"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher will begin with the statement that sometimes he thinks that it is amazing that while we look for companionship and friendship, outside the confines of our home, our best sources of support and joy are placed by providence right at the place we live and love. At least it happened to him. The author’s sister Fatimah is 25 years old and they are more of friends than merely being siblings. Fatimah is his best friend and whenever he feels lonely or alone, she turns out to be a constant source of companionship. Though the author prefers solitude over socializing, still he must say that he never like to be alone. Fatimah has a beautiful way of making him feel loved and cherished. The researcher feels really wonderful and happy, whenever he is with her. She always makes the author feel that somebody is there for him, who will stand by him whenever he is stressed and lonely. Both of them share fond memories of the experiences we had while we were traveling in Lebanon, the country where she was studying for her degree. Fatimah is a biologist. She graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB).  There is no denying the fact that Fatimah happens to be one big influence on the author’s social skills and interpersonal communication. Having a stable relationship with his sister and being able to convey to her all that the author thinks or feels has made him an independent and confident person. The researcher feels really easy to open up with others while he is moving in the outside world. It was owing to Fatimah that a lot many things turned out to be better and beneficial for the author. It had been solely owing to Fatimah that the author had been able to get over his juvenile hesitations and have learned to open up to other people. The biggest delight that Fatimah holds for the author is the opportunity he gets to share his ideas with her. The researcher has many dreams and goals, and Fatimah has always encouraged him in whatever endeavor he engage in by extending her true and honest opinion. The researcher shares such a sense of camaraderie with Fatimah that even during our childhood, they used to dress up alike. The researcher must say that both of them share a salubrious and benign relationship with each other. He is always there, whenever Fatimah needs him and she receives the author’s help and advice not only as a brother but also as a worthy an imitable role model. They both harbor much ambition in their hearts. Besides, both of them love their family a lot and do their best to make their family happy, especially their parents. The researcher does believe that good idea are of no use if they are not put into practical action. So Fatimah always diligently encourages him to weave goals and aspirations around the good ideas that the author share with her. This brings in a kind of accountability into the researcher’s life and always stimulates him to work to the best of his capacity. Besides, the author does know that Fatimah is always there to help him sort out the problems that he comes across in his academic life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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