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The Road to the Ocean - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Class 17 June 2012 The Road to the Ocean Leah turned fifteen just a week ago, but she felt sixteen years old already. She felt mature and ready to be older. So when she asked her mom to teach her to drive her 1959 golden Volkswagen Beetle, which they called Bugsy, she expected an unequivocal yes…
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The Road to the Ocean
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Download file to see previous pages “You’re too young to drive,” her mom said. “The road is not for kids, I mean, teens,” her dad added. When Leah’s face fell and her eyes moistened, her mother came toward her, only to be met by the “hands off” hand gesture. In other words, the gesture said: “Talk to the hand that would never hold you again for a million years.” Leah felt betrayed. She expected her father to back her up, to say yes to her favorite and only daughter. She knew her mom would say no. Mothers created the word “paranoia.” But fathers, no, fathers were supposed to be a lot cooler, a lot more trusting. She knew that her father would knock on her door and explain himself. She wanted to turn him away. But she never could. Her father was a military official and when he was there, she knew how precious time was. When Lt. Col. James Madison knocked on his daughter’s door, Leah said: “You know it’s open.” She could imagine him sighing. His bulky frame covered the whole door. He was massive and scary-looking. But for Leah, he was only her father. Her Daddy. He was the best father in the whole world, up until that moment when he betrayed her and did not let her drive. It was not even his car. And that thought made her angrier. She did not want to turn to him. She wanted him to see her straight and angry back, as she read her book, which she was not reading. But again, she failed. She glanced at him and there he was, 200 pounds of lean flesh, looking like a torn puppy. She imagined him whimper and she understood why her mother loved him so much. He was the biggest and most tender man ever. He loved them so fiercely. He would kill anyone who would deliberately hurt his wife and daughter. “Sorry Leah. I mean. I am not sorry, because I know what the streets are nowadays. I am just sorry I hurt your feelings and trust in me. One day…Oh, you know what I mean.” “No, I don’t. I’m a year shy of sixteen. What’s wrong with driving? I mean, learning to drive? It’s not like I’ll go off and have some random sex with any guy I meet at a club and get pregnant because of a stupid one-night stand.” “You know I trust you.” “It’s the world you don’t trust. I get it. But I don’t get it. Just please leave me alone. I want to go to another place, while staying here in my room.” “Oh, Leah. Okay, good night sweetie.” He waited. “Good night. Good night Daddy.” And she stood up to kiss him at the cheek. She had to tip toe to do it. She embraced him quickly. So much for her rebellious daughter act. She just could not stand being angry with her dad. Sunday, the next morning, Dad and Mom left Leah to Aunt Millie. They had second thoughts, because Millie was not exactly a very responsible adult. At the age of 31, she was still single and a party bug. But no one else was available, and Dad wanted to bring Mom somewhere special, because he was leaving for an overseas mission in a few days. They wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary in advance. They left with creases on their foreheads. Before their SUV drove away, they both made the sign of the cross, praying that Millie would miraculously be an adult for just twelve hours of her life. Leah did not feel excited. She used to enjoy Millie’s companionship. But she was now sore and bitter, or more like sore from being bitter. Millie asked her what she wanted to do, and she said nothing. Millie promised her that they could do anything she wanted. Leah said she wanted to learn to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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