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The direction an individual may take on the debate regarding concealed weapons permit is largely influenced by his or her opinion regarding whether allowing average citizens to possess guns enhances the carrier’s safety, by giving him or her an opportunity to defend himself or creating fear among his potential aggressors…
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Why Concealed Weapons Permit Should be Valid in every State
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, it also depends on whether one holds the opinion that permitting concealed guns may facilitate an increase in crime rate, since the more people possess guns the more the community becomes unsafe. The objective of this paper is to discuss whether concealed weapons should be valid in every state. Background Concealed weapons laws have been at the center of extensive debates in America. It is a familiar form of firearms control regulation in America. It was adopted by a couple of states decades ago in an attempt to do away with the total ban law. In the late twentieth century, the laws reemerged as a vital part of the gun control debate. This was around the time when anti-campaigners of the weaponry control laws attempted to reform most of the laws to bring to an end the discretion of security personnel, and sheriffs to demand compulsory issuance of permits to anyone who met the set standards. By mid 1980s, only a couple of states such as Indiana, South Dakota, Washington, Georgia and Vermont had adopted laws that demanded security personnel and the judicial systems to issue concealed weapons permits to average citizens (Cramer 1). ...
Unlike the rural sectors of the country where the residents often use guns for the purposes of hunting and games, without proper regulation in the major urban areas, the problem could probably get even worse (Bingham 8). On the other hand, those who are for the permitting of concealed guns hold the belief that, when the people are armed, they are likely to protect the communities much better than the way the police can possibly protect them (Carter 138). They have continuously used the events during the era of Hitler to support their stand. They argue that, if the people would have been armed appropriately, they would have been able to defend themselves against the Nazis (INFIDELESTO 6). Conclusion A lot of factors need to be considered before making major decisions regarding the concealed guns law. The anti-campaigners of the law obviously have raised vital reasons that cannot be brushed away lightly. To successfully protect the people and their households, both the people and the security officers need to be empowered. However, elaborate control mechanisms have to be implemented to deal with the underlying challenges. The pros of the concealed weapons law evidently outweighs the cons, and therefore, should be adopted by all states. Cover letter The purpose of the essay is to weigh the opposing and alternative views regarding the concealed weapons laws. At the end of the research, the pros and the cons of the implementation of this law ought to be clearly understood. People should also be able to make informed decisions. After completing the assignment, it was evident that the challenges that face this law cannot simply be ignored. In urban centers, its implementation may enhance crime rates. Strict control measures have to be implemented ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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